Lawson Nobbs on top in Cluny for first PBR win

CLUNY, Alberta — On a night where the bull mostly dictated the flow, Australian cowboy Lawson Nobbs emerged as the champion. With 85 points aboard the X6 Ranches Black Sugar, and paired with zero rides in the short go, Nobbs had the highest score of the night.

Despite the lack of qualified rides the first every Cluny Lions Charity PBR went off without a hitch. The crew at Coulee Creek Farms provided a first class facility, which gave the fans an up close and personal view of the action. Mother nature also cooperated which helped make the event even better, as well as the beer sales I’m sure!

The bull power was evident on Sunday, as only 6 riders made it to the 8 second mark. It was not an easy night for the bull riders.

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Official results from the Cluny Lions Charity PBR on July 2nd, 2017.

Round 1: 1. Lawson Nobbs on X6 Ranch’s Black Sugar, 85 points, $663.00; 2/3. (Tie) Matt Triplett, and Thor Hoefer II, 83.5, $414.38 each; 4. Justin Lloyd, 78.5, $165.75; 5. Fraser Babbington, 76.5; 6. Mike Lee, 70.

Championship Round: no qualified rides.

Aggregate, total money won and world points earned.
1. Lawson Nobbs, 85 points, $4,028.64, 60; 2/3. (Tie) Matt Triplett, and Thor Hoefer II 83.5 points, $2,371.15 each, 25; 4. Justin Lloyd, 78.5 points, $1,183.27, 15; 5. Fraser Babbington, 76.5 Points, 641.82, 10; Mike Lee, 70 points, 453.97, 5.



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