Four Canucks on to Houston Semis

HOUSTON, Texas — Four Canadians have advanced to the semifinals from the first three brackets of competition at Rodeo Houston.

They are:

Curtis Cassidy – $3,000 in Super Series III

Zeke Thurston – $4,375 in Super Series II

Layton Green – $5,500 in Super Series I

Logan Bird – $2,750 in Super Series I

Competing in the final two Super Series are: Clint Laye, Tyrel Larsen, Scott Guenthner and Tanner Milan in SSIV with Orin Larsen, Levi Simpson, Jeremy Buhler, Clay Elliott, and Jordan Hansen in the the fifth and final Super Series.

Five Canadians are represented in next Sunday’s Super Shootout. They are: Clint Laye for Fort Worth, Zeke Thurston for Rodeo Austin, Layton Green for the Calgary Stampede, Scott Guenthner for Cheyenne Frontier Days and Cody Cassidy, also for the Calgary Stampede,

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