This post has been updated on January 9th, 2021 and was originally published on January 11th, 2017.

There is no family I know in this sport better than the Pozzobon’s. I’ve never seen so much support and love from one group of people. Knowing them, it’s easy to see how Ty was such an incredible human being. I won’t ever forget the times we spent together and the laughs we shared Ty.

I’m not sure how else to show my compassion and love for you Ty but I think all our pals sum up what you were all about.

“I don’t know man. I can’t make sense of this. Our lives will never be the same. I just loved being around him. The kindness he had in him isn’t something you see everyday. He truly and deeply cared about everyone that came in contact with him.” – Chad Besplug

“The only thing I can say about Ty is he was more than a friend to me. He was like a little brother to me, I took him in when he came to Alberta. We often joked about him being Brittany and my first child and I will always remember the good times with him. It’s not good bye it’s see ya later. Forever pals love ya Pozzy.” – Tanner Girletz

“Pozzy was one of my favorites inside, and outside the locker room. He brought a lot of happiness into my life and so many other people. I’m going to miss him dearly every day.” – Luke Snyder

“Champion bull rider and a champion friend, always made me laugh and I’m proud to say he was a friend, he will be missed in the locker room and in general! Gone way too soon.” – J.B. Mauney

“Ty was an amazing guy, he had a contagious smile that lightened everyone’s day. He has been a great ambassador for or sport, an idol to many and a hero to all of us. He will be truly missed!! God bless Ty.” – Justin Volz

“I spent a lot of time with him last winter and early spring rodeoing in the states. I got to know him really well over the last couple of years and he was one of those guys that everyone knew and he knew everybody. He always shook everyone’s hand with a smile and I never met anybody that didn’t like him.” – Jared Parsonage

“There is so much to say about Ty he was such a beautiful person, he will be missed by so many.” – Zane and Stacey Lambert

“I always told Ty, ‘Make them think you’re weak when you’re strong, and strong when you’re weak”. He lived by those words. Ty came into our (Sheena and I) lives as ‘some kid from BC that showed some talent,’ but left our lives as ‘my friend, my family, my daughter Harlow’s first boyfriend, my little brother.’ His smile, contagious attitude and his love for my family (Sheena, Harlow, Trait, and I) will be greatly missed. The very worst thing I could think of having to do in life is to have to bury one of my children. Our condolences and greatest sympathies go out to his family. You’re going to be missed little buddy.” – Tyler Thomson

“A few years ago at Strathmore, our son jake entered the sheep riding for the first time. They had committee guys helping the kids in the chute but I asked jake if he wanted me to get in the chute with him since it was his first time. He simply replied, thanks dad but I want Ty Pozzobon to help me on. He then walked right up to Ty and lined it up. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Ever since then whether me are playing bull riding on the trampoline or riding the holstein calves, Jake always matches J.B. Mauney on Bushwacker and Ty Pozzobon on Shark Bait. And more times than not, even if he bucks off, Ty Pozzobon wins! I truly believe children are great judges of character, and the relationship that Jake had with ty is a prime example. To the Pozzobon family, our most sincere condolences. Keep you chin up, remain proud, celebrate ty and celebrate your family! We will always hold Ty and the entire Pozzobon family in the highest regard. Forever in our hearts and our prayers.” – Kelly, Robyn, Jessie, and Jake Armstrong

“I didn’t really know Ty that well but he came up to me and introduced himself after an event and told me I did a great job. When your new and nervous, all it takes is someone who’s truly genuine and welcoming to make you feel like you belong. This past year watching Ty in and out of the arena, you knew he was going to win it all. He had that swagger of a guy on top, but never was too good for the kids, fans, or any other bull rider there. And that’s what I’ll remember most about Ty.” – Dustin Edwards

“We will miss his talent, his infectious smile and the aura he created when he was with us. He was extremely close to his family… Luke, Leanne and Amy were his biggest fans. My heart aches for them.” – Jason Davidson

“It hurts when it’s one of us. I was lucky to spend a good amount of time with him this year, we travelled to Australia together and I got to have dinner with him last month in Fort Worth. We had some pretty good text conversations, of course they weren’t the ones I can share but they were funny, that was ty, a funny little bugger. We and I mean all of us will miss him.” – Brendon Clark

“Ty was so courteous and such a gentleman around me that it made me feel guilty for being an ignorant jerk when I was his age.” – Slade Long

“I’ve never met a guy with the drive to succeed at one thing like Ty had. His fearless attitude and huge heart are the very rare qualities that led him to success in and out of the arena. A true cowboy and a hero and idol for my boys.” – Jesse Torkelson

“I think you’d have a tough time finding someone who didn’t have a story about Pozzy filled with good times and plenty of laughs, he had an infectious personality that was just fun to be around. Likely the thing about Ty that will stick with me is how he was to my kids. We would be trying to get something done and he would take the time to sit at the table and just talk to them, not like they were little kids, but like they were young men. Often Pozzy would text to see how Beau was making out and offer encouragement. You can imagine how those words would echo to a kid who idolized him. Ty Pozzobon was raised right and was as sincere as they come, never had an ulterior motive and treated people the way we all ought to. Heaven got a good one today, no doubt.” – Nate Gardner

“There are no words to describe this loss of one of the nicest most talented bull riders Canada has ever got to witness. This is a huge lost to everyone that ever got to meet him. The bull riding world will never be the same with out hearing his name being called to the winner’s circle. As a stock contractor no guy out there was a better draw than Pozzy. If you had good one under him it was a solid chance you would see a 90 that day. I’m going to miss those times with him in and out of the arena. It was an honour knowing you Pozzy. One day soon, we will do it all over again.” – Nansen Vold

“Ty was a friend every guy should have. Someone that would give you the shirt off his back and one of the rankest bull riders I know. I’ll never forget the fun we had. That guy could make anyone’s day better within a few secs. Never forgotten Pozzy.” – Tyler Harr

“My thoughts are with his family and my heart breaks for them, I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through. The little time that I spent with Ty I enjoyed. I really mean that, he was always very polite, respectful and seemed to truly loved what he was doing. (I wish) my deepest condolences to his loved ones and those that were close to him.” – Justin McBride

“Ty will be missed by all. I write this with a heavy heavy heart. The last few years I have become great friends with him and his family. Luke, Leanne and Amy are always so kind and gracious to us. You guys raised one hell of a boy! He was part of my family as well. My kids loved him so much. They would laugh at his funny jokes and how he would rub his hands together when he got nervous. He would take the time to play and talk with them all the time. Never getting annoyed but always laughing and smiling. When the boys play trampoline bull riding they are “Pozzy” riding ever rank bull on the planet. Many tears were and will be shed.

Ty would always ask for advice. Not just from me but many others. Always wanting to learn and better himself. He loved to hear stories from years past. Just laughing and grinning the whole time he listened. Always joking and acting like a little kid… I almost felt like he was my oldest boy. I think he wanted to be a kid forever.

Lakia remembers him coming into our camper in Nampa and eating all Keri’s reese’s peanut butter cups and telling her not to tell on him. Always just acting like a little kid. Lakia also remembers him calling the shower a “rain box” and laughs at it to this day. Jace and Jory came on a two week road trip with Ty, Wes Silcox, Steve Woolsey, Ardie Meier and Tyler Thomson along with numerous other friends. Boy did they learn a few things!! When they came home they told their mom all about it. Exactly what Ty told them not to. Keri still grins about it. Ty told them over and over. ‘What happens on the road stays on the road!’ I guess if you tell your mom it’s alright. They learned a few new words and could hit signs with bottles pretty well by the end of er’ too!  Boys will be boys! I will never forget his smile and his kindness . He was humble like a man should be!

I love you friend! Now who is going to find me videos on what my next bull does and tell me all about him? Best friends are hard to come by so it’s unfortunate to lose one so soon. Ride tough in the big pasture buddy!  #PALS” – Beau Hill

“A guy can say so much about Ty, he was a one of a kind person. Didn’t matter who you are he would always come say hi and talk to you. Didn’t matter who you were if you made a good ride he got just as excited for you as you. He was a guy that always brought up everyone in the locker room. There needs to be more guys in the sport like him. I had an awesome year riding with him. I’m happy I could call him a friend and will miss him dearly.” – Dakota Buttar

“The nicest most caring man I’m have ever met, Pozzy had a way of lifting anyone’s spirit by simply just being around him. It didn’t matter if he did good or not he was always on my chute when it was my turn with that little smirk saying ‘go ahead shithead’ travelling with Pozzy changed my aspect not just on bull riding but the life. Everything Pozzy did he put his entire heart and soul into it and being able to see how passionate he was about the sport of bull riding changed my life. ‘It is so much darker when a light goes out then it would be if it hadn’t shone.’ Bull riding will never be the same without you Pozzy, until we meet again brother this one is for you!” – Cody Coverchuk

“Ty was as talented as a bull rider as any Canadian we have had in the last decade in and out of the arena and could compete with anyone. He could ride rank bulls as well as he understood how to reach the fans and take care of sponsors. He always had a smile on his face and was loved by everyone he met. He was a true superstar and he will be missed.” – Cody Snyder

“Ty was the guy that everyone pulled for. I always wanted the best for Ty because he was first and foremost an incredible man. When he would get injured I think everyone who knew him would be devastated and when he would win everyone would be elated. He was just the type of person that wove their way into your heart no matter how much or how little you knew him. I will miss his infectious smile and that spark in his eye. When he showed up to a rodeo you knew he was there to win but that didn’t stop him from shaking every hand and ensuring everyone was having a good day. That is what makes a true champion. Guys like Ty Pozzobon a few and far between. He will be missed beyond measure.” – Kynan Vine

“Dusty and I are both at a loss for words but if we could say anything he was one of the most caring, fun, amazing guys to have in your corner. He was awesome, we will cherish all the memories we had with him. He was one of our favourite people.” – Dusty and Renee Ephrom

“Ty was one of the kindest guys I had the privilege of knowing. He was a great friend and talented bull rider. He was very dedicated to the sport of bull riding and would always give it his all. I saw a fire in him and passion for bull riding every time he stepped behind the chutes.

I was proud to represent Canada alongside him in and outside the arena. Getting to spend several weekends together on the road for the past number of years, he was like family. I will never forget the first Jack Daniels signing we did together and he knocked the entire table over spilling drinks and dumping the merchandise all over the place. He was always a blast to be around.

He has touched the hearts of many and will be greatly missed. But he has left a gift to all those who loved him as well as those to follow in his footsteps. He lived life to the fullest. He celebrated one of his greatest career years and thrived. We can all learn from living each day like it is our last and cherish the small things. The gift of “Cowboy Comradery” – always there to lend a helping hand, encouraging his competitors to try their best and to live up to the standards of a cowboy. He was just as happy to see your name at the top of the leaderboard as his.

“Pride of who you are and where you come from. Pride of your nation’ – He was so very proud to be from Merritt and even more proud to ride for the ‘Red and white’ and he made us all so very proud. Lastly, loving the life he lived and living the life he loved. He was a true cowboy and bull riding was in his blood. We should all try to live life to the same passion and always remember that true genuine smile. You have left a legacy behind, you will never be forgotten. Ride on my friend.” – Aaron Roy

“Ty was a very influential person, inspiring all rodeo athletes not only in his home province of BC but all of Canada. He always volunteered his time and the first to give a helping hand, he also made rodeo fans feel important and acknowledged. Pozzy always had time for our family and most important for our kids and we are forever grateful for that.” – Ty and Haley Elliott

“Ty was an incredibly talented bull rider, but more importantly he was an extremely kind and good man. He wanted growth for the bull riders as well as the bull breeders and was always willing to help in any way he could. He loved and cared about other people and rarely would you see him without a smile on his face. We lost someone who, although young, had already left such a positive mark on our industry and we are all saddened we will never get to see what else Ty would have accomplished. I will definitely miss him.” – Jay Daugherty

“As a child you have big dreams as did I!! When I met Ty Pozzobon I saw someone living them out.” – Josh Berezay

“I’m so thankful to have been among those who had the good fortune to know Ty. As heartbreaking as it is to suffer such a tragic loss and tears as I write this, we’re all better off for having shared his laughter and good-natured attitude. We’re gonna miss you Pozzy. This one’s going hurt for a lot people, so peace and love to those you leave behind and thank you for always being my friend. ‪#Forever25.” – Keith Ryan Cartwright

“Ty was my hero. In my eyes he was the greatest Canadian bull rider and one of the very best to ever come into the sport. He was so dedicated to being a bull rider, and to building the sport. He would help any young kid that asked. I am very thankful for the opportunity to travel with him last summer. He was a great guy to be around. He fuelled the fire for us young guys because we all wanted to be as great as him. He would always tell us how much talent we had, and he always looked at things with positivity.

Pozzy was non stop joking around and laughing every day of his life. That’s probably the thing I remember most of him. He was the absolute best guy to be around. Sure makes you realize how much you love your rodeo friends, and how much you miss them when they are gone. I wish I could be rodeoing right now because I’ve never had such a drive to win more than right now. I just wish I could go to one more bull riding with my pal right now.

Someday we will meet again and head down the road to raise some more hell together! The bull riding and rodeo community will never forget him. He is a legend and I’m glad to have had the chance to call him a friend!” – Lonnie West

“Ty was one of the funnest guys to be around in and out of the locker room. He always had a smile on his face that would brighten up any room. His laugh will never be forgotten. He will truly be missed.” – LJ Jenkins

“It’s not the light shining on you but the light shining out of you that makes you special, Ty was a bright shining light that brought everyone’s spirits up that he came in contact with!!! My life was made better having had him pass my way and someday out across The Great Divide, I hope we get to hang out again…” – Gary Leffew

“Ty was a true ambassador for the PBR, the sport of bull riding and Canada. I rarely saw him without a smile. When he did have a complaint it usually took several minutes of conversation before I even knew he was griping about an issue – he was that respectful, upbeat and professional. And I generally found at the end of our conversations that he was right about whatever the subject. Ty will be greatly missed by the entire PBR family. We will continue to honor Ty as a PBR bull rider for eternity.” – Sean Gleason

“I met Ty when I first came to Canada when I was 19 and he was the first guy to come up to me and shake my hand and talk to me before  anyone even knew who I was. I could hear Ty’s laugh from about 30 feet down the hallway in the locker room before I even walked in there and started smiling because I knew ty was cracking jokes and having a good time in there. I couldn’t walk fast enough to get in there and join in. Everyone loved Ty and He will always be in all our hearts and greatly missed bro.” – Nevada Newman

“Like everyone else in our industry I knew Ty Pozzobon wasn’t like the others from the first time I saw him ride. He was different, he was special. He had not only this undeniable talent, but a will to win and a love for both his sport and his family like I had never seen before. He was a once in a lifetime kind of person. He had that smile, that energy, its like he was superhuman, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. With everything he had accomplished, every title he won it is still is friendship that I’ll miss the most, because as a friend he was a World Champion. Until next time.” – Brett Gardiner

“I just can’t believe Pozzy is gone. I remember a year ago at San Antonio, sitting at a table with Ty, telling him how bad I was struggling with bull riding. He kept telling me how talented I was and that I rode too good to quit. Then when I won Fort Mohave Xtreme Bulls a couple weeks later, he was happier for me than I was. Even though he bucked off, he was still excited that I turned things around. Ty was in the chute sitting on his bull watching my ride that day. He believed in people even when they themselves didn’t.” – Parker Breding

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ty’s family and friends. After some reflection I do know one thing. Ty made each and everyone of us that had the privilege of knowing him a better person. He did this day in and day out without even knowing he was doing it. A true champion and fierce competitor that kept one old bull rider young and gave me the will and desire to try to keep up. l am thankful and proud that I got to call Pozzy my friend. Rest easy my friend you will be missed but never forgot.” – Scott Schiffner

“Ty always knew how to keep everyone around him happy and made them feel like they meant something to him. He helped me more in life than he will ever know, his positive attitude his love for my family and laugh I will never forget. Thanks for being my friend. We love you Ty.” – Wes, Jerika, Rivers and Ledgen Silcox.

“I haven’t had a friend that I looked up to in and out of the arena like Ty. I owe my career to him for all he has done getting me to where I am today, I never greeted or said good bye to him with out a smile on my face. I will truly miss him but I will never forget the memory’s we made. Keep riding up there I’ll see you on the other side.” – Jackson Scott

“I will always remember the first time I met Ty and I don’t have a good memory. His smile, the energy he carried, and his ability to ride rank bulls was truly amazing and inspiring. He touched a lot of people in a short time. He was someone you wanted to be around all the time. Rest easy pal.” – Bo Byrne

“For the last few days I keep thinking I’m gonna wake up from this horrible dream. I not only lost my best friend but my little brother. For years we did and shared everything together (including a bed for a few years). Even when we had been apart for a long time I always knew he was just a phone call or text away.

We were just kids that set out with big goals. Ty was quicker to reach his but he never gave up on mine, nor would he let me. I remember getting my first PBR it was all because of Trent. He called me and said he’d hire me for his PBR event. It was because of him I became a professional bullfighter. Ever since then he’d send me a text that said ‘Jr, handle your shit! You have huge opportunities!’ Even if I had been handling my business. I think he’d use that tone to make himself think he scared me haha.

I could go on here for days with stories and nice things to say about him but I’m not that handy at writing so I’ll finish it up with this. There won’t be a day that goes by that I won’t think about you nor will there be a day that I don’t handle my shit Trent. You will always hold a place in my heart and you will always be my brother. Keep smiling that smile we all love so much and riding them rank bulls you ride. Until we meet again pard.” – Greg Loring Jr.

“I was fortunate enough to have Pozzy as a traveling partner for a large part of my career. I always credit Pozzy for not only his achievements as a bull rider but his ability to bring out the best in everybody around him. Ty’s achievements in the sport of bull riding are truly legendary but in my eyes they will always come in second place to the champion he was as a person! Winners win Trent!” – Ty Patten

“You were a hell of a guy and even better bull rider, you are family to Kaci and I, we will greatly miss your presence brother, thanks for being a great friend and mentor, you always believed in me more than myself and you was always positive no matter the situation, we will see you in the heavens my friend Rest In Peace and love ya buddy” – Brant Atwood

“We lost a good one! All of us.His family, his friends, the sport and us fans. RIP Ty Pozzobon, your kind heart and love for the sport did not go unnoticed by me” – Ty Murray

“As a long time pbr committee guy and paramedic I had seen Ty ride some of the best bulls in Canada. He got in a wreck in Saskatoon and was knocked out. I tended to him and when he awoke was quite unhappy as any bull rider would be, and less than affectionate to me. I brushed it off and said oh well. When I saw him in Saskatoon last year he said ‘Come over here a minute’ I’m like sure, what’s up? He’s says ‘Sorry if I was at all disrespectful to you when i got hurt there.’ I’m like no worries pal I get it. No harm done. At the 2016 world finals i ran into him again and he says ‘Hey JP can I take you out for dinner or a beer?’ No pal it’s all good no worries. Truly a cowboys cowboy and salt of the earth. Will never forget him.” – Jason Pauls

“Everyone who ever crossed paths with Ty weather it be in a rodeo setting out outside of rodeo always walked away with a smile on their face. I was lucky enough to be around to witness some of Ty’s huge bull riding accomplishments and deliver a high five. I got to spend some time with him and have memories that will bring a smile to my face forever. Ty and his family are truly one of a kind and always treated everyone like family, we will all miss Ty for the rest of our lives. Rest easy Pal.” – Devon Mezei

“Words can’t describe the talent and attitude Pozzy delivered inside and outside the arena. A true champion and a true gentleman. I can’t thank you enough for the good times and for being the person you are. The rodeo arena will never forget your legacy.” – Cole Scott

“Something I can say about Ty, is he always looked you in the eye when you were talking to him because he truly cared what you had to say. You could call or text him at any time and he would be there for you. And he was so amazing to Jackson. He took him under his wing and made him the bull rider that he is.” – Shelby Scott

“Ty was one of those rare people, the ones who have something special about them, he touched people wherever he went. He was a cowboy and a gentleman, a hero to many and a gracious champion with a God-given talent. Ty will be missed, this world has lost not only a great bull rider, but a great man. Our heartfelt condolences to the Pozzobon family and to all who knew and love him. Rest easy Ty, your entry fees are paid.” – Daryl and Bonnie Mills

“The world lost a true Champion. Ty had a special way of making everyone feel like family. You always wanted to root for Ty, be on the chutes when he rode, and get in on the play by play after. He will be missed greatly, but his legacy will live on forever. Prayers for his family and many friends from Canada to Australia.” – Cord McCoy

“Blood couldn’t have made us any closer. You changed the atmosphere with your contagious laughs smiles and kind heart.

I remember the day we first met. You were only 17, a scared young Canadian chasing a dream down in the states away from all his family and close friends. I knew right away that you were special and we would be very close.

We went to your first open Bull Riding together in Ozona, TX. I can remember everything about this day. We both made the short Round and you would go on and dominate in the short round like you always did to win your first Bull riding down south.. Toro Loco Champion!

We were counting down the days till you were 18 so we could be in the Built Ford Tough. When that day came there was no stopping us. We entered every single Touring Pro they had on the schedule. Your first event was when it sank in that you were going to be a super star. You were so nervous that Mike white and Donny Gay were at the same place as you. You were on cloud nine. At that moment everything went in slow motion because I was looking at a kid that was so full of life and nothing could possibly bring him down.

I wanted to be just like you. The way you walked the way you talked even the way you loved. You always had something nice to say about people and never would jump on a band wagon of judging anyone. You knew who you were and your purpose as a man and that’s what separated you from the norm.

The first time we went to Canada, your mom and Grandma picked us up and they ran right up to me and gave me genuine loving hugs that made my heart so full. I said to myself right then that I was home.

You pulled me out of a deep dark world I was living in and restored my hope and purpose for this world.

The world would honestly be at peace if we all lived like you Ty. You made such a huge impact on so many lives, from toddlers to elders.

I love you so much man and I am glad that I told you that every time we spoke. You meant so much to me and always will. I will forever live like you!!.” – Randy Quartieri

The Lord spoke to the heavy hearts that stood with hats in hand

“Your sadness pains me deeply and I know you’ll miss this man.

But, it’s true what you’ve been hearing, Heaven is a real place.

That’s no small consolation, You should use that fact to face.

The emptiness his parting left that seeps into your bones

And draw on it to ease your pain, For he is not alone.

You see, all his friends are up here and all his loved ones, too,

‘Cause it wouldn’t be a heaven without each one of you.

And heaven for a Cowboy is just what you might expect,

It’s horses that need tunin’ up and heifers that need checked.

It’s long rides with a purpose and a code that lights the way

And a satisfying reason to get up every day.

It’s the ranch he’s always dreamed of and never knew he’d find.

And if you think about it, you can see it in your mind.

Him, leanin’ in the saddle with his ol’ hat on his head,

Contentment set upon his face like blankets on a bed.

The leather creaks a little as he shifts there in the seat.

The bit chains give a jingle when his pony switches feet.

And you somehow get the feelin’ that he’s sittin’ on a throne

A’gazin out on paradise just like it was his own.

I can promise you he’s happy, though I know you can’t pretend

You’re glad he made the journey, It’s too hard to comprehend.

The earthly way you look at things can never satisfy

Your lack of understanding for the answer to the ‘Why?’

So, I offer this small comfort to put your grief to rest,

I only take the top hands ‘cause my crew’s the very best.

And I know it might seem selfish to friends and next of kin

But I needed one more Cowboy and Ty fit right in.”

Baxter Black

Please share your thoughts and stories about Ty in a comment below. Love ya buddy.



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  1. Bill Lowe

    Ty has definitely left his mark on this world. It is time for him to move on. My family is mostly computer illiterate so I send love from all of us and we will remember and be proud of him. – from the Lowe family in Ashcroft

  2. Jeanalyn

    I didn’t know Ty personally . Just a big huge fan. I wish I could have met you sir if just to shake your hand, and say thank you for the big huge smile that always crossed your face and let you no without a dew your in a better place☺RIP

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