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I’ve bugged Dave, yes, I call him Dave, not David, about reading his books for the last number of years. I’m not sure if he knew, that I really knew, how to read – but I do. When he realized I did understand multiples strings of words he gave me a copy of Numbers, a high school read that I could comprehend.

I couldn’t believe my pal Dave wrote this entire book. Writing a book is something I strive to do someday. Numbers was based on 10th-grader Andy’s social studies class which touches on World War II, Hitler and the Holocaust. He ends up learning more than he bargained for.

According to Dave’s bio, he’s the author of not one, but more than 25 books! This particular entry, Dead Air, is the second of three (so far) in the Cullen & Cobb Mystery Series.

Serpents Rising is the first and was published in October of 2014. I had the opportunity to read it as well, (I even have a personally signed copy) and I remember it being a complete page turner. Sometimes I can get into a book and read it in one sitting. This was absolutely one of those. I was enthralled with each page and quickly read the entire thing.

The Cullen & Cobb series is set right here in Calgary. I hadn’t ever read a book before that was set in the city in which I live but that made it even more interesting. In fact, in Dead Air, Cullen & Cobb end up right in my ‘hood’. Which made it even more cool. (I don’t think Dave knows where I live.)

As you can probably tell, I haven’t done a book review since I was a kid and I usually cheated at them even then.

Honestly though I’m infinitely impressed by Dave’s work and the enormity of it. I remember him telling me one time that he writes 1,000 words per day which is incredible in itself. For as much as he announces and travels I imagine this being at least a few-hour commitment each day. The trick with writing too is it’s not merely writing those 1,000 words and being done; it’s a ton of re-writing, too.

Back to Dead Air, Mike Cobb an ex-cop turned detective, is hired as personal body guard of right-wing radio celebrity Buckley-Rand Larmer who has been receiving a string of vicious, graphic threats.

Cobb asks for the help of crime journalist Adam Cullen, who tells this story in the first person, as writing folks would say. Cullen is a music fan which also intrigued me and taught me some new songs to use when I’m playing music and Dave is announcing.

When Dave gave me Dead Air, he asked if I’d write a review. The other guy who is doing the same thing for the third book in the Cullen & Cobb series, Last Song Sung is none other than Ron MacLean. No big deal right, I just follow-up the most famous TV hockey host, and coolest guy in Canada.

I saw Ron’s review the other day and it was badass. It rhymed and everything and told the story of the book. I’m using a lot more words but I think Dave’s idea was that I would reach a different set of folks to tell the story of his books.

My point in this book report is that Dave writes a great book. I’ve read enough fiction and non-fiction books now to know when one makes sense, flows and has a great story. I read Serpents Rising in about a day and a half after the CFR in 2014. I read Dead Air in about a 30-hour span from the pool floaty in Nicaragua in February.

Dead Air takes the reader on an in-depth journey through Calgary, during Stampede, in an adventure that keeps you guessing until the very end. Dave’s characters, Mike Cobb and Adam Cullen might not be cowboys by day but they are the essence of them. This book might not be a western but it has that rugged, law-of-the-land feel and theme.

For those who haven’t read Dave’s books, I suggest you do. He’s not going to tell you about them; he’s too kind of a man and I have never heard him boast.

He’s written 25 books people! This is amazing in every sense of the word. He’s won Cowboy of the Year and he’s someone that will be immediately inducted into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame once he’s eligible. In fact, I think he should already be in there.

Even if you haven’t been a reader lately or don’t really spend a lot of time with books, I feel you’d really enjoy this book. I’m no expert on books but I can advise you to look up to David A. Poulsen’s Cullen and Cobb mysteries. I’m glad to call Dave my friend.

He’s not going to brag but I sure can.

To purchase any of my pal Dave’s books, check out Dundurn.com



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