Photo by Steph Coombes: Layton Green rides at RFD-TVs The American. 

HOUSTON, Texas — Here’s a look at when Team Canada is up at the 2017 edition of RodeoHouston which starts tonight.

A total of 21 Canadians are in the brackets with likely more to be added in as injury replacements throughout competition.

Visit the RodeoHouston website for a lowdown on the $2.17 million dollar rodeo and all it entails.

Watch live beginning tonight at 6:45pm CST.

Team Canada at RodeoHouston

Super Series 1

Kody Lamb, Luke Creasy, Kyle Bowers, Cody Cassidy, Jake Watson, Layton Green.

Super Series 2

Zeke Thurston, Tyrel Larsen

Super Series 3

Jake Vold, Orin Larsen, Clayton Moore, Luke Butterfield.

Super Series 4

Kolton Schmidt

Super Series 5

Tanner Milan, Levi Simpson, Jeremy Buhler, Sam Kelts, Dustin Flundra, Clay Elliott, Nancy Csabay, and Jordan Hansen.

Newly appointed CPRA President, Terry Cooke is part of the RodeoHouston pro official team along with Perry Gurski. Watch for Niki Cammaert Flundra, Gary Rempel and the horses from the Calgary Stampede’s “Born to Buck” program.

Stay tuned for updates on all the Canadian content from one of the top five highest paying rodeos on the planet.



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