Barney’s Picks – PBR Global Cup – Day 1

SYDNEY, New South Wales – Team Canada Coach Aaron Roy was handed the bull list for his team in the first round last night. The team searched the internet for info and videos on there draws to figure out what bull best suits each cowboy. The Aussies are keeping there lips sealed on what the bulls do as a bit of home country advantage. Team Canada managed to find video and info on most of their bulls. It looks like Team Canada has drawn a good pen of bulls and I’m predicting that The Boys From the North get 6 of 7 ridden tonight.

For those wanting to watch the action, you can catch it all, live on RidePass starting at 3:30am MT on both Saturday and Sunday morning.

*Important to note that chute deliveries talked about in this article are in Australian terms. This is opposite to how we call chute deliveries in North America

Tanner Byrne vs. 94 Annilhation

This Hall Brandenburg bull is one of the feared Bangteng bulls, each team competing has been given one. Nathan Burtenshaw won the second round of Cairns PBR last weekend with an 86.5 on this little spinner. Look for Tanner to give this “Banger” a kicking tonight.

Dakota Buttar vs. 522 Buckaroo 

This is the unknown in Canada’s bull pen and comes from Stuart Timm. Dakota Buttar has been handed him and look for the No. 13 man in the world to get the whistle.

Wacey Finkbeiner vs. 238 Sweet Pro’s Chemical Weapon

Coach Roy has matched Wacey with this ranch raised bull from Maynes Bucking Bulls. This bull should kick out of the left delivery a couple and be around to the right getting in the air. This one is rider friendly and look for Wacey to kick holes him for 88-89 points.

Brock Radford vs. 210 Sweet Pro’s Turn It Up

Aaron has selected Brock to get on the black brockle face from Maynes Bucking Bulls. This cool looking bull should jump out the left delivery go to the right and drift out there. This will be away from his hand but will be a day off for the No. 1 man in PBR Canada.

Zane Lambert vs. 10 Stir Crazy

This Happy Gill bull was one the boys had to do some research on to figure out. A late night video from a friend of Team Canada helped them figure him out. He should be in the gate to the right which is into Zane’s hand. Look for Zane to kick loose on this one and be in the high 80’s.

Lonnie West vs. 29 Mojito

his Stuart Timm Bull was another one that was hard to find info on. But another late night video from a friend of Team Canada showed a nice spinner to the left. Look for the hottest Canadian bull rider going to keep on rolling and get a score on the board.

Jared Parsonage vs. 168 Jack Rabbit

Jared Parsonage has been give this red from the Wallace bull string. Look for him to jump out to right and be a day off for Parsonage.



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