Back on Track B.C Little Britches Rodeo Report

Back on Track and Everything Cowboy have teamed up to continue to build the bridge between rodeo and education. 

Through the Back on Track British Columbia Little Britches Rodeo Report we are looking forward to bringing you updates from competition throughout the summer of 2017. After each Little Britches rodeo, a contestant will submit a piece of writing from the competition.

By working with youth in rodeo, Back on Track and Everything Cowboy wish to inspire the next generation to continue experiencing the western lifestyle.

This month, Macey brings us another edition of the report!

Hey, it’s Macey, reporting on behalf of Taylor.  This weekend we were at Falkland, BC and we had perfect weather.  After I won the goat tail tying I took my horse back to the trailer and put on Snap’s (my horse) Back on Track blanket and boots. Then my friends and I went to the dummy roping event.  The nice thing about little britches is that the juniors get to help out with the senior’s events and we can learn lots by watching them.

There is a really nice creek just down the road from the rodeo grounds and we all got a chance to jump in and cool off.

Day two of Falkland started off with great music and I love it when fellow contestants sing the National anthem.

Back on Track must have been useful because I won the barrels that day.  Pole bending has been tough this year and I love watching other juniors improve on all events.

After the rodeo on Sunday a bunch of us walked to the general store for ice cream, that’s my favourite part about small town rodeos.

That’s all the excitement that happened at Falkland BCLBRA!




Prince George is one of my favourite rodeos because it is 10 hours from my house and we leave two days early and stay at my adopted rodeo grandparents’ house in 100 Mile House.  We know our horses will be on point when we get to Prince George because of our Back on Track quick wraps.

When we got to Prince George we set up our pens and camp in the park like grounds.  We saddled our horses and stretched their legs and got to help run the livestock through for the rodeo.  That night we had a slumber party.  This is another awesome feature of Little Britches, hanging with your friends.  Friday morning we had a group breakfast and decided we should go to the school which is just down the road and we played soccer and California kick ball.  It was so much fun to play with our parents.  Ryan has a huge soccer kick and almost kicked it to the road!

Friday night the committee was nice enough to allow everyone to exercise their horses. Saturday we had a light rain and we were all happy because this summer has been way to dry.

Junior barrels were super exciting because my friends Taylor, Kelsey and I were only 100th of a second apart for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Pole bending was super exciting for me this weekend because I got to use my mom’s horse for it.


The rest of the day went really well and I was super excited because my rodeo big sister Elly was 2nd in the senior’s barrels on my mom’s horse Kat.  Boy do those senior girls go fast.  The senior breakaway was awesome this weekend because it was the most catches I’ve seen all year.  That just shows how much everyone has been practicing.  I tend to skip watching the steer riding for fear one of my friends will get hurt.

We had a great steak dinner put on by the local gymkhana club then we went to the school and played more soccer. We had lots of rain Sunday morning but it didn’t slow anyone down.

Everyone had great barrel runs.  I ran my fastest pole run at 21.199 but I knocked one pole.  My friend Nevada won the junior goat tail tying with a 9.8.  Wow, she’s fast.  My friend Clay won the stakes race.  There was a couple of buck offs in the senior boys events but everyone was safe and sound.  But the craziest wreck of the weekend was when Clay hula handed his steer in chute dogging.

My pictures are of me on my horse Snap and the other is of me and my good friend Clay.

That was all the excitement in Prince George.  Good luck to everyone at the last Little Britches Rodeo and thanks to Back on Track for providing amazing products for both our horses and ourselves.




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