Back on Track B.C. Little Britches Rodeo Report

Back on Track and Everything Cowboy have teamed up to continue to build the bridge between rodeo and education. 

Through the Back on Track British Columbia Little Britches Rodeo Report we are looking forward to bringing you updates from competition throughout the summer of 2017. After each Little Britches rodeo, a contestant will submit a piece of writing from the competition. 
By working with youth in rodeo, Back on Track and Everything Cowboy wish to inspire the next generation to continue experiencing the western lifestyle. 
This month, Taylor is back with another edition of the report!

It’s me Taylor, reporting again for the BC Little Britches Rodeo. For this report I thought it would be cool to combine my Clinton and Langley rodeos together, since Langley Little Britches rodeo was only on the Saturday.

As usual it was a fun rodeo. The Clinton rodeo dates were the 10th and 11th of June. On Friday, I had a late night with my friends so on Saturday’s rodeo I did a decent pole run but I ended up knocking one pole. I went to bed a little earlier on Saturday night and ended up getting first place in poles on Rookie with my time being 23.488. The best time for the senior girls was 22.9 and it was ran by my best senior friend Rayelle!

Back On Track donated splint boots that were won by a Senior Girl for Reserve All Around and the blanket went to a Junior Boy for Reserve All Around.  Thank you again Back On Track for donating these items.

Taylor riding Flirt


On Saturday night after the rodeo a group of us kids played a game called capture the ball. It was boys against girls and it was funny because a couple parents joined in on the fun. After that my Dad pulled out the propane fire pit so we could roast marshmallows and a handful of my friends in their pyjamas showed up with roasting sticks. That was when my Dad snuck away. I can’t forget that the Clinton rodeo committee put on a tasty dinner and organized a great rodeo.

Now I am going to talk about the Langley rodeo. On Saturday, it was the Little Britches rodeo and on Sunday they had a jackpot. I will tell you about Saturday. A junior boy and good friend of mine named Gage started off the rodeo by singing O’Canada with his horse Dee by his side. He did a great job!!

There were a lot of great barrel runs by both juniors and seniors. The top junior girl was won by Audrey riding Mack with a time of 18.343. It was an amazing run. I have to say that my favorite events to watch are goat tying and steer riding. I will be a senior next year and will be able to do goat tying. Boy, I sure am glad that I have been practicing.

One of my favorite things that we got to do was on Friday night was when a bunch of juniors and one senior helped run the steers through. This is when we run the steers through the chute down the arena to show them where the gate is to get out. It helps to make the rodeo run smooth. I used Rookie because he is an old pro. The Langley committee also put on a delicious dinner. Back on Track donated bell boots and a blanket that were given out for a draw for all the contestants names in a hat.

Gage sings O’Canada

Today my pictures are of Gage singing O’Canada and of me riding Flirt on my barrel run with our new Back On Track and BC Little Britches barrel covers.  I want to thank all of our sponsors for giving us this opportunity to rodeo. Without their generous support us kids couldn’t do what we love!

Taylor :0)



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