CALGARY, Alberta — Hang up’s are a part of our sport whether we like them or not. They are kind of like injuries with what we do, it’s not a matter of if, but when and how bad.

Griffin Smeltzer got out of this wreck pretty good after his foot got hung in the flank at night one of the Chad Besplug Invitational.

Thankfully there was a ton of good help there to get Smeltzer loose before things got out of hand. Out of hand like the time I got mucked out in the same arena at a practice pen a few years back.

I made it out of that one pretty well too but Landon Lockhart got tore up pretty bad and he’s still healing up after this wreck he sent from Spiritwood, SK.


Biggest Moments of 2016

6. Thurston claims back to back Stampede titles

7. Hansen returns to win Canadian Championship

8. Edmonton to host million-dollar PBR

9. Canadian Cowboy Ski Race passes $50,000 mark

10. CFR 44 and 45 to remain in Edmonton

Worst Wrecks of 2016

5. He’s hung up!

6. Doubling Down in Innisfail

7. Team Ropers wreck too

8. Hordern gets hooked in Manor

9. Hofer gets stomped by Mick’s Mouse

10. Hank gets hooked by the escalator


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