2021 Battle of the Foothills – High River, Alberta, Canada

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After a few days off the Battle of the Foothills resumed on Friday night for night number four. There was a lot on the line Friday night in High River, as it was the last chance for drivers to try to get into the top eight overall and qualify for “Semi-Final Saturday” and ultimately a spot in Sunday’s Championship final heat.

Kurt Bensmiller and his AIC Construction/Hard Knox Brewery Outfit, and along with outriders Rory Gervais, Dayton Sutherland and Hayden Motowylo, who topped the overall aggregate with a four-run total of 5:11.67. He will be joined in the semi-final round by Vern Nolin, Doug Irvine, Chanse Vigen, Evan Salmond, Layne MacGillivray, Dayton Sutherland and Chad Fike. Jordie Fike ended up in the crying hole, 9th place overall, and just missed the semi-final round by just 21 one-hundreds of a second, with Dustin Gorst filling out the top ten overall.

The top 4 times from the two semi-final heats on “Semi-Final Saturday” will qualify into the Championship final on Sunday where the winner will take home the 2021 Battle of the Foothills Championship.

As far as day results are concerned, it was Kurt Bensmiller who cashed the top cheque with his Hard Knox Brewery outfit after posting the fastest time of the week so far with a 1:16.21. Chanse Vigen placed second on the night; Chad Fike was third, with Layne MacGillivray and Dustin Gorst rounding out the top five on the night.

“Semi-Final Saturday” at Battle of the Foothills can be heard live on Saturday night, July 24, 2021 on WPCA Radio starting 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, and 7:00pm Mountain time on Rural Radio on SiriusXM Channel 147 Satellite Radio.

Billy Melville

Day 4 Results 
RankDriverSponsorTotal Time
1Kurt BensmillerHard Knox Brewery1:16.21
2Chanse Vigen (Wagon #2)The Mavericks Chuckwagon Team1:16.60
3Chad FikeCDI International1:16.94
4Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills1:17.40
5Dustin Gorst#notmycity1:17.56
6Dayton SutherlandCDM Mechanical1:17.72
7Kurt Bensmiller (Wagon #2)Irvine’s Tack & Western Wear1:17.85
8Chanse VigenBrandell Diesel1:18.05
9Doug IrvineEnsteel Industries1:18.15
10Wade SalmondOmega 2000 Cribbing Inc.1:18.34
11Chad Fike (Wagon #2)La Capitale Insurance1:18.61
12Chance Flad (Wagon #2)ControlTech1:18.66
13Jordie Fike Shawne Excavating1:18.68
14Jordie Fike (Wagon #2)Team JW1:18.90
15Layne FladAbsolute Lanscapes1:18.97
16Mitch SutherlandNorthwest Crane1:19.25
17Evan Salmond (Wagon #2)J Vair Anderson Jewellers1:19.43
18Evan SalmondMundle Anchors / R U Grounded1:19.68
19Colin LefleyOle Smokes Coffee1:19.69
20Cody Ridsdale (Wagon #2)White Bull Clothing1:19.72
21Cody RidsdaleKnelson Sand & Gravel1:19.73
21John WaltersPidherneys1:19.73
23Vern NolinSTEP Energy Services1:19.77
24Doug Irvine (Wagon #2)Ensteel Industries1:19.79
25Josh HrynykBreakaway Energy Services1:19.80
26Kirk Sutherland Ghostpine Environmental Services1:19.90
27Kirk Sutherland (Wagon #2)Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Experience1:20.59
28Dean DregerNorthern Mat and Bridge1:20.61
29Troy FladIronwood Building Corp.1:20.75
30Dayton Sutherland (Wagon #2)Black Diamond Drywall1:21.65
31Chance ThomsonRemi’s Mechanical1:21.87
32Derek AeblyHorizon Hauling1:22.92
33Chance BensmillerEagle Well Servicing1:26.25
34Kris Molle Ridge1:26.38
35Kris Molle (Wagon #2)Glacier Water1:27.08
36Obrey MotowyloCo-operators Insurance High River1:28.72
37Tuff DregerUnderground Enterprises1:30.26
38Chance FladAspen Crossing1:36.85
39Roy RomanowWard Tirecraft – High River1:39.95
40Darcy FladJohn Barlow, MP – Foothills1:46.73
4 Day Aggregate Standings
RankDriverSponsor4 Day Total
1Kurt BensmillerAIC Construction/Hard Knox Brewery5:11.67
2Vern NolinSTEP Energy Services5:14.86
3Doug IrvineSuper Slings/Ensteel Industries/Quantum Downhole Systems5:15.04
4Chanse Vigen (Wagon #2)The Mavericks Chuckwagon Team5:15.37
5Evan Salmond (Wagon #2)J Vair Anderson Jewellers5:15.69
6Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills5:16.26
7Dayton SutherlandEarth Drilling/CDM Mechanical5:17.03
8Chad FikeCDI International5:17.41
9Jordie Fike (Wagon #2)Team JW5:17.62
10Dustin GorstCentury Downs Racetrack & Casino/#notmycity5:18.37
11Kirk Sutherland Ghostpine Environmental Services5:19.88
12Cody RidsdaleKnelsen Gravel/NOV/Go Timer Energy/Blueline Rent/Steve Bozko5:19.95
13Chanse VigenBlackstone Drilling/Sundown Oilfield/Bluestar Engineering5:20.20
14Kurt Bensmiller (Wagon #2)Irvine’s Tack & Western Wear5:20.57
15Evan SalmondMundle Anchors / R U Grounded5:20.75
16Mitch SutherlandNorthwest Crane5:21.14
17Doug Irvine (Wagon #2)Wakulchyk Brothers, Sign Solutions and Redline Athletic’s 5:21.34
18John WaltersPidherneys5:21.35
19Chad Fike (Wagon #2)Sprung Structures5:22.39
20Kirk Sutherland (Wagon #2)Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Experience5:22.41
21Jordie Fike Shawne Excavating5:24.89
22Kris Molle The Mavericks Chuckwagon Team5:25.58
23Cody Ridsdale (Wagon #2)Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement5:29.79
24Colin LefleyOle Smokes Coffee5:31.94
25Chance BensmillerEagle Well Servicing5:33.01
26Chance ThomsonB Bar C Simmentals5:33.11
27Dayton Sutherland (Wagon #2)Black Diamond Drywall5:38.35
28Derek AeblyHorizon Hauling5:40.87
29Obrey MotowyloCo-operators Insurance High River5:40.89
30Kris Molle (Wagon #2)5:41.73
31Tuff DregerUnderground Enterprises6:05.59
32Dean DregerNorthern Mat and BridgeN.T



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