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In last December’s NFR Fashion ReCap I talked briefly about the appearance of Palazzo pants throughout Cowboy Christmas and the other shopping venues in Vegas. Since that post published it’s safe to say that Palazzo pants took on a life of their own. If you haven’t dared to try a pair, buck up and buy some!

There is a reason I named this article Perfect Palazzos because to put it plainly (in so many “P” words) Palazzo pants are perfect. Unlike their “cousin”/”sister” the legging, Palazzos are flattering on a variety of body types. Even us short girls! Yippee! The wide leg cut of the pants allows for plenty of wiggle room and hides some of the common “problem areas” that women complain about like thighs and big butts (we like ’em, we can’t lie!)

The Turquoise Teepee Palazzo Pant

Palazzos come in a variety of prints and colors or if you aren’t feeling brave they come in solids as well. If styled correctly they can be worn in a professional environment and offer a nice change from the plain khakis or black business pants you usually sport.  Comfortable and professional, talk about a win-win situation.

target palazzo pants

Palazzos from

You may be wondering how you style these wonderful dreamy sent-from-heaven pants. I suggest a tighter or structured top to counter the relaxed wide legs on these pants.  Your favorite denim top (have you read Decked out Denim, *hint hint*) is a classic pairs-well-with-others look. Fringe tanks offer a Bohemian spin. Or if you are from Utah and were recovering from an appendix removal surgery aka Appendectomy caused from said appendix going insane and trying to kill you, then you wear your palazzo pants with a plain black or white tank top. Just saying, you have options already in your closet to pair with these bad boys.

Are you rocking a pair of Palazzos? Know where to find them at a great price? As always be sure to share and comment on Facebook, Twitter or below and take a peek at some styling ideas on our Pinterest page.

-Palazzo Paige



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