Contractor’s Corner with Nate Gardner – Arrowwood, AB

Arrowwood, AB: This year’s edition of the Buffalo Hills Bull Riding takes place a few short days from now. Wednesday June 13th to be exact at 7:00pm.

This was the only event I won last year. It was tough not to enter but I am taking a break from competition at the moment. It’s not to say I’m not riding at all because I will be again this week.

I’ll be back to competition soon enough. When I do come back. Nate’s event in Arrowwood is one I’ll be at every time! The spurs I took home last year as well were beautiful. One of the nicest pieces in my trophy collection. This year the top rider and bull will be getting themselves a buckle made by Dominic Valine once again.

Nate Gardner, his wife Jackie and their sons Beau and Jesse are the family behind Rafter G Cattle Company. You can see all about Rafter G at their website which you can find at

There are some great match-ups for this Wednesday’s event and Nate took the time to tell us about some of them.

Here’s Nate with the call.

Josh Birks on Flying High Rodeo Company’s #834 I’m A Troublemaker.

This match up ought to challenge for the long round win. It appears as though you can’t shoot this kid off the back of one, and #834 is a pretty good draw. He is a black 4 year old I’m A Ganster calf who threw Ty Patten off in Asquith last week. This bull should spin both ways. Good money is on a mid to high 80’s score.

Ken Seimens on Rafter G Cattle Co.’s #3 Serratelli’s Smoke Signal.

Kenny is old an school, dont let go till your head hits the ground twice, type of bull rider. And #3 is a big scary Red Brahma we bought from Elli Skori last year. He went to the PBR finals last year, and is starting to settle down a bit. Serratelli’s Smoke Signal has been throwing guys off pretty quick here of late, (including Everything Cowboy’s Ted Stovin on two separate occasions) and I am excited to see Kenny get him warmed up. I think this one will be a rope fight, and really dont know how it will end up. I am confident however that it will be good watching.

Ashton Arychuck vs. #3 Seratelli’s Smoke Signal at the Oyen, AB CPRA Bull Riding last July.

Ty Parkinson on Two Bit Bucking Bulls # 719 High Times.

I dont know alot about this kid, but he drew well. #719 won bull of the event at Cardston EPB last fall, then went to Vegas to compete at the Classic Wild Card and was in the Top 10 there. Ty couldnt have asked for a better draw here, and this big brindle Josh Berezay got from Lorne and Kelly High a few years ago will certainly do his part to get Ty to the front of the line at the pay window.

Sevi Torturo 85 on #719 High Times at the Abbotsford, BC PBR Canada this past February.

Garret Green on Sawyer Bucking Bulls’ # 318 Riff Raff

This big black bull of Curtis’ has been everywhere and although he may be in the last couple of years of his career, you better have a bucket full of try with you. #318 bucked off Ednia Caminhas off at a BFTS Event as the Enterprise Bounty Bull, I’ll be it a while ago. Riff Raff has his following of haters, but if a guy bears down, I’ve seen them win more than a few rounds on him. He is never going to change, he is big strong, and will do the same thing every time. This is the type of bull I like to see guys get on, dont fall for the hype, this bull will get you to the high 80’s.

Cole Young on Wild Hoggs’ #519 Spaghetti Legs
Spaghetti Legs is a bull I got off Tanner Girletz, then sold to Ty Elliot to practice on all winter. Wild Hoggs are packing him now. This grey muley was rode twice a week by Ty Elliot and Pozzy (Ty Pozzobon), and never once weakened. He is the type that everyone wants to get on, and you will be in the mid 80’s on him. The challenge for Cole here is to not under estimate #519. He bucks, Tyler Pankewitz was 87 on him a couple years ago, but he’s as honest as you could hand pick one to be.

See you all in Arrowwood on Wednesday!

Nate Gardner.



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