Bulls Steal Show in Arrowwood. Arychuk Finishes on Top.

Arrowwood, AB: After an entire day of rain over in Calgary, it was unclear as to how the weather would treat us at this year’s Buffalo Hills Bull Riding.

As luck would have it we stayed out of the rain. The wind was still there so it was a bit colder than usual for this time of year but it didn’t affect all of the great spectators that came out to watch.

It was an off night for the bull riders on Wednesday Night in all honesty. The bull side of things was a different story though.

The long round of competition only saw three qualified rides. The top one being the only one we really needed to show here.

Here’s Ashton Arychuk taking the win home in the Long Round on the Sawyer Bull called Abu the Poacher.


991 Moe Banger was a bull to watch. Wacey Finkbeiner got on him and he kicked the lights out on his way around to the left. If your name shows up by that one he’d be one you’d want to make sure you get on.

It may be a new record for the least amount of qualified rides in a long round. The good news is the guys that managed to stay on got a bit extra in ground money.


During the intermission, there was a Steer Riding Invitational. Kole Ashbacher came out on top with this ride.


When the Short Round came along the bulls were ready to bring it. They did just that.

Cole Young taking on the Flying High Bull they call Bringing Sexy Back.


New Zealand’s Adam Jamison nearly went all the way on the Two Bit Bull About To Blow.


Arychuk had to ride this one to solidify the win. It would be an uphill battle with the Flying High Bull Git Your Good Time On.


Here’s what Ashton had to say after the event about his first ever Elite Professional Bullriders win.


Flying High Rodeo Company took home the top bull honors with their bull they call Bringing Sexy Back. Lorne High told us all about him in this interview from Wednesday Night.


Nate Gardner and his crew put on a great show once again. He and his son’s Beau and Jesse told us about the event while his wife Jackie filmed it for us. Thank’s again for having us all Nate. We look forward to next year!

From the Buffalo Hills Bull Riding in Arrowwood, AB that’s it for stop 17/33 on the 2012 Elite Professional Bull Rider’s Season.



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