Delburne, AB: Josh Birks has been on more than a roll in this year’s Elite Professional Bull Riders Season. Not including last night he had over $19,000 won. That’s more than anyone won in all of 2011 including the finals. That being said, you can add another $3,650 in winnings to Birks’ name after his win last night at the Third Annual Delburne Hillbilly Stomp.

Birks has now increased his lead to nearly $6,000 on number two man Beau Hill. With only two events left and the schedule as it is, Josh will likely go into February’s Butte, MT Finals in first place.

This is how everything went last night from the Delburne Arena. It might sound like a similar story however it’s different because of the different people in each town that make each event what they are.

Like last night’s show starting off with everyone being introduced, from the Bull Riders to the Bull Fighters and even the Contractors. Those were all after the Junior Bull Riders who were by far the most enthusiastic to hear their names called. Tyrell Ward got himself hooked pretty good by the Bar UT bull Destiny a little ways in.


Tanner Henderson won it as the last man out with a 76 point effort on the Bar UT three year old Red Stroke.


Then things moved into the long go of EPB competition with who else but Josh Birks putting up an 83.5 on Sawyer’s Bucket List.


Luke Cummings went a few after and hung tight for a 75 on Sawyer’s Harrison Flats.


They were riding a lot of the Sawyer Pen last night, Dakota Peterson was 77.5 on Cosmo Cramer. A bull originally from Allen Shields similar to Harrison Flats.


After a while off this summer, Tristan Carlier is back. He took on Nate Gardner’s Bet on Deuces.


Ashton Arychuk is in the top 15 of the EPB Standings looking to get back to the finals once again. He however came up a bit short on Lorne High’s Burn it to the ground.


Garrett Green made me look good on my pick with an 83 on Uncle Moe.


TeHiko Neil of New Zealand got upside down against Ellie Skori’s 90 Yosemite Sam as the last man out in the Long Go.


Long Go Results and Payout.

  1. Josh Birks 83.5 on SWYR866 Bucket List $654.50
  2. Garrett Green 83. $535.00
  3. Dakota Peterson 77.5. $422.75
  4. Luke Cummings 75. $311.50
  5. Jordan Hansen 71.5. $200.25
  6. Cody Stamp 71. $111.25


Ty Parkinson picked second last for the Short Go. He matched up with one of the best bulls not just of the night but the whole year in Flying High’s 944 Git Your Good Time On.


Jordan Hansen went after one on the white left-hand spinner from Bar UT, China White.


Garrett Green was sure in his pick in Flying High’s 747 Jett. Usually he’d ride this one all day. I’d venture a guess that he wouldn’t make this same mistake again.


Since no one had rode in the Short Go up to this point, Josh Birks had already won the event title. What was on the line though was the added money. If he was able to ride Ellie Skori’s Evil Roy Slade once again as he did in Coronation less than a month ago, he would win all of the $3,000 instead of splitting it up with all of the other from the Long Go.


Just as you already knew, he rode him and won the extra $3,000. Thanks to everyone in Delburne for making another great event happen. Wes Cummings on the mic calling the action, event promoter Jason Holst, bull roper Wade Grover, bull fighters Ty Prescott, Houston Gleeson and Carter Stroschein, you of course the fans!, chute boss Tyrel Jensen and everyone else for making the event what it was. We look forward to seeing it get even bigger and better next year.



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  1. Tom

    So where’s the results from the bronc riding in St. Tite? Your site is called Everything cowboy. What a misnamer, it’s about Bullriding and nothing but and Bullriding is the only event that doesn’t require a horse. Get real call your flipping page what it is. Canadian Amateur Bullriding.

    1. Hi Tom,
      I appreciate your concern to know where the bronc riding results are at from St. Tite! It sounds like you are pretty concerned about them.
      My best advice to you would be to go on over to the CPRA website to find out when they become available on Monday Morning.
      Unfortunately, thus far my resources limit me to the number of events that I can be at. I’ve yet to receive any news from my sources there but will do my best to post the results as soon as they are known.
      Best of luck to you in finding what you are looking for Tom!
      Ted Stovin

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