Stavely, AB: The 8th Annual Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding was the best bull riding I have been to ever. It may have started off a bit slow with not many riders getting scores but once Tanner Girletz showed up things got interesting.

He rode at the Okotoks Pro Rodeo that same night and drove about as fast as he could to get there. They both started at 7:00 but are an hour apart. South of Calgary is you aren’t from Alberta. Tanner’s bull was in the chute when he got there and was the last guy to ride, matched up with the Vold Bull Burnt Rubber.

With only 5 qualified rides up to that point and an 84.5 leading, all Tanner needed to do was stay on to make it to the Top 10 Short Go. He did more than that. 88.5 points was what he came up with on the little black bull that spun to the left.

Going into the Short Go things looked like this:

  1. Tanner Girletz 88.5
  2. Beau Hill 84.5
  3. Ty Patten 83
  4. Poncho Limas 82
  5. Zane Lambert 81
  6. Dusty Ephrom 80

7-10 were filled by the riders who made it the longest but not to 8 second in the Long Go.

Dakota Peterson, Ty Pozzobon, Ty Elliot and Aaron Roy filled those spots.

The Short Go didn’t have many rides either until Aaron Roy threw down this ride:

No one else stayed on after Aaron until Tanner rode again last and here’s how he did. Since Aaron didn’t qualify on his long go bull all Tanner needed to do was get a score. But he did much more than that.

Tanner winning the Short Go with a 91 on Mr Echo:

Girletz won it being the only bull rider to get two scores. It was a big win for Tanner as he’s not had the greatest year according to his standards.

After his phenomenal ride in the Short Go, Announcer Dave Poulsen brought Tanner into the arena to talk to him about his big win. Glen’s Parents, John and Donna presented Tanner with the Championship buckle at this time too.


When Dave asked him about the evenings events Tanner had a pretty inspiring story behind what he did that day.

“I went and looked at all his old chaps and buckles yesterday and his headstone up on his hill. As well as his old practice pen and his chute” Tanner said

This saying was written on Glens practice chute at the Keeley Ranch:

Tanner has now won the Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding three times. A winner in many other places too.

After all of that though and many people being quite touched by the story Tanner still had another bull to ride. The 2010 Bull of The CFR VJV Slash.

Here’s how it went:

Tanner vs Slash for $2500


It may not have went as well as his first two rides that night but still was a great effort. I would bet the 2009 and 2010 PBR Canada Promoters of the Year of the Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding will have another award come November in Saskatoon. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers for making this great event happen! We look forward to next year and are sure there will be more action and excitement in 2012.



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