Wacey’s Picks – Oyen White Lightning Pro Cowboy Crunch

OYEN, Alberta — On Wednesday July 19th, the 19th Annual White Lightning Pro Cowboy Crunch is set to go down in small community of Oyen, and it’s shaping up to be a good one.

With a stacked list of bulls and bull riders, things could be ‘electric’ (#punny). Now that the Stampede is over, and the meat and potatoes of Cowboy Christmas is all but over everyone’s focus is now on securing their spot at the Canadian Finals Rodeo.

Oyen is the perfect place to start, for the guys at the top its a good chance to pad that lead and for the guys trying to climb the ladder this is the perfect opportunity. So, if you have plans on Wednesday, cancel them because you’re gonna want to be in Oyen to catch some of the best bull riding action this side of Manitoba.

The event gets rolling at 6:30pm, be there or be square.

Jared Parsonage vs. 208 Lace Up – My old buddy Jared is coming off of a broken jaw he suffered out in Quebec City a while, and I don’t think he could of hand picked a better bull for his first one back. Jared is one of the most technically sound guys heading down the road, and I think ol’ Lace Up will fit him just right. I’ve been lucky to see this bull a few times this summer, and it looks like he would ride pretty if a guy could get in time with him. If J-Roc can do his part, and pick up where he left off of in Quebec we could see him challenge for the round win.

Zane Lambert vs. 115 Gran Torino – I think I am kind of cheating picking this match up, but I don’t care. Zane is having another consistent season, and he will continue the trend here. This little speckle bull from the Girletz crew may not always provide huge numbers, but he’s definitely the type of bull that’ll get you back to the championship round nine times out of ten. As good a Zane rides I’m sure he could eat a sandwich while twisting this sucker down Wednesday night as long as his foot is healed up after the Ranchman’s PBR!

Coy Robbins vs. 108 Clouds in My Coffee – Writing about this match up gets me super excited. Coy is kid I’ve got to know pretty good over the last few years, and I can tell you one thing for sure… you won’t meet a nicer young man anywhere these days. Along with that, Coy is wolf and don’t be surprised when you see his name at the top. Heck, he just won his very first pro rodeo last weekend in Teepee Creek, so safe to say the next level hasn’t phased him at all. This little black bull from the Outlaw Buckers should hop out there, and crank it back in to Coy’s hand. Look for these two to challenge for the round win.

Scott Schiffner vs. 19 Herf – From the little bit of research I’ve done on this bull, looks like Captain Canada has drawn the juice Wednesday night in Oyen. This red and white sucker from the Two Bit firm really gets it on, and if Scott can put it together like I know he can we could see some huge numbers. I’m pretty sure Scott has been resting up from an injury the last few weeks, so I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit to get back at it. This match-up has the perfect mixture to take Scott to the top of the leader board, this is my pick for the round win.

Tyrell Ward vs. 216 Big Shot – Tyrell is another one of the young guns coming up in Canada. I was lucky enough to see him ride a bunch back in my CCA days, and I know it’s not going to take him long to find his stride in the big league. Big Shot is probably one of my favourite bulls going down the road. He really bucks, and when guys get the to the whistle on him it’s usually for big points. If I was Tyrell, I’d be really excited for this draw. As long as Tyrell shows up with his hammer cocked  like I know he will, we could see him right up at the top of that leader board.

Click here for the full draw. or for more information, visit the White Lightning Pro Cowboy Crunch event page on Facebook



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