With the Ty Pozzobon Foundation setting its goals of ensuring that the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Sports Medicine Team plays a role at each and every PBR Canada stop on the calendar, fundraising efforts are ramping up all over the rodeo community.

The Ty Pozzobon Foundation was created in February of 2017 to protect and support the health and well-being of rodeo competitors inside and outside the arena.

“Our community lost a giant of the sport, and someone whose determination and kindness was widespread,” rodeo photographer Covy Moore said. “The way rodeo and bull riding are reacting to the loss of Pozzy is remarkable, and I hope the foundation and its initiative are able to shine a light on a sensitive subject, ensuring that our rodeo heroes and friends health is paramount.”

In an effort to spur on more and more support for the foundation, Moore is auctioning off a unique set of images, leading up to the Canadian Cowboy Ski Race, with all proceeds benefiting the Ty Pozzobon Foundation.

“When Ty decided to get back to full time riding in April of 2016, I was lucky enough to be at those early practice pens, camera and all,” said Moore. “As the year wore on, we became closer and I had the unique opportunity to record a superstar of our sport for ten months, from the PBR Canada Tofield Touring Pro event, all the way to the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas.”

Moore admits that he has had an incredibly large amount of requests for images that will be fulfilled, however aiming efforts and his archives at helping further the organizations efforts is top of mind right now.

“Ty was a pretty popular guy, who never seemed to forget a name, and I want to ensure folks have the opportunity to have some of those memories in hard copy, all the while keeping the initiatives of the foundation in his name in mind.”

Moore will be auctioning 24×18 one-off poster board prints over the next two weeks of some moments of Ty’s 2016, benefitting the Ty Pozzobon Foundation.

The auction can be found at this link. http://bit.ly/2mwVf1e

“You never really know what sort of importance images will have until you are confronted with loss. I want to thank Ty’s family and friends for building this foundation in our friend’s memory, and I cannot wait to see some of these images do some good for our sport.”

In addition to Moore’s prints, t-shirts and patches are now on sale at the foundation’s website at www.typozzobon.com

For more information about the Ty Pozzobon Foundation, visit www.typozzobon.com.



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