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Written By Gary Leffew

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You might be wondering why I posted Gary’s words here today and if you are my simple answer is that because what he teaches works. If you are wondering about what he does and what he teaches be sure to check out his website and I especially like what he has on YouTube. I hope you all like what Gary has to say though. If you end up considering one of his schools, tell him I sent ya!

-Gary Leffew-

It’s my job as a teacher, to make sure the student is properly prepared, mentally and physically, before he attempts to ride on of today’s high-powered, well bred bucking bulls. Because I set goals and trained hard, not counting the hundreds of smaller rodeos I won, 24 times I walked to the winner’s circle at the top 25 rodeos. I rode 9 of 10 bulls to win the NFR average and I won the World’s Championship. As a teacher if Shane Proctor’s groin pull doesn’t cost him the world, he will make 12 of my former students that will have won the World’s Championship. So I can safely say I know what it takes to be successful at this game and I know the bull shit being pedaled out there that will ruin your riding mechanics and cause you to fall short of your goals.

Here is a list of things that in my expert opinion will cause you nothing but grief and leave you far short of your potential:

1. The lift and reach technique.Taught by so many good riders, but piss poor teachers. Refer to the training tips on my website to observe how the legends of the game rode using a pushing technique to ride in front of their ropes where rank bulls ride easy.

2. Center pivot training devices. The Mighty Bucky/ El Toro. You would think they would have learned about the harmful effects of these confounded devices during the urban cowboy era when every bar in the free world had El Toro buckin machines. Riders who whipped and spurred them at full speed appeared to look like they had the potential to become world champs, but in reality the harmful habits that were formed by the repetitious riding of these machines, were so deeply ingrained in to their subconscious mind that it became almost impossible to undo the harm done. No matter where I go in the US and Canada the number 1 problem I run into is rider’s who have unknowingly ruined their mechanics on these cursed machines. I had a student who between the ages of 14 to 18 looked to be on course to win a World Championship, but in an effort to make himself even better he purchase a mighty bucky and the next time I saw him he was back to a beginners level, falling off everything he got on. I’ve seen more guys than I can count just like him.

3. Some people say the most contagious thing in the world is enthusiasm, but the fact is the most contagious thing in the world in lack of enthusiasm. Winners run with winners, losers run with losers. Winners set clear cut realistic goals and work towards the accomplishment of those goals. Losers are constantly looking for short-cuts. ” Snort this cocaine or crystal meth and you will feel like you can ride anything” . Getting on a tough bull when your mind is being fooled by a drug-induced reality is dangerous. I can’t count how many of these corner-cutters I’ve seen come and quickly go, many with serious injuries. Choose your friends and traveling partners wisely. Partners who will push you as you push them towards the accomplishment of both your goals.

Chew on this for a bit and stay tuned for more on the HOTMAN’s list of DO’s and DON”T’s….

-Gary Leffew



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