Through the lens: Innisfail Pro Rodeo

Innisfail lived up to its tradition this past weekend, with every type of weather that you can imagine. Blaring sunshine, to cool and windy, to rain, to sleet….and even hail. But that didn’t stop some of the best rodeo competitors from the CPRA and PRCA from making their way to the Daines’ Ranch.

(Covy Moore/

Kelly Timberman prepares to ride Calgary Stampede’s Special Delivery in Innisfail June 19, 2016. (Covy Moore/

And we start there, with this snap. Kelly Timberman prepares his riggin’ aboard Calgary Stampede’s Special Delivery in a hailstorm. The two minutes of hail was accompanied by about ten minutes of rain. Being able to photograph these competitors only a couple feet from them as they prepare to ride or run reminds me of only one sport. Auto racing. Very accessible athletes can make for some pretty cool images.

(Covy Moore/

Gaylene Buff at the Innisfail Pro Rodeo 2016. (Covy Moore/

The auto racing photographer in me always loves to highlight motion and speed, and there is not a better event to do so than the barrel racing. Gaylene Buff took home $960 with this run, ending up 6th overall.

(Covy Moore/

Lee Rombough finishes his run in a time of 8.9 and a tie for third at the Innisfail Pro Rodeo. (Covy Moore/

I have always been fascinated with how timing and scoring works, in all sports. Most time’s the time you see on a display is not the official time. Lee Rombough ended up in a tie for third in this run, banking him $1633.

(Covy Moore/

Morgan Grant at Innisfail 2016. (Covy Moore/

Canadian rodeo hot-shot Morgan Grant bulldogs his steer, but was out of the money after a bit of trouble on the ground. Grant is a former Champion of Canada and is gunning for another opportunity at a gold buckle.

(Covy Moore/

Layton Green on Tokyo Bubbles. (Covy Moore/

Those final milliseconds before a ride. Layton Green is absolutely tearing up the PRCA circuit in the USA, but spent an afternoon in Innisfail. Very cool to meet the 22-year-old rider, even cooler to be able to put my camera right in the chute before his ride.

(Covy Moore/

Team roping at the Innisfail Pro Rodeo. (Covy Moore/

It is no secret that I find team roping tough to shoot. Not that it is tough to capture, but simply put, there is little to no compression. Meaning the action is so spread out. Well, check THAT out. I think I can live with some more team roping this year if I can make frames like this.

(Covy Moore/

Dennis Halstead  at the 2016 Innisfail Pro Rodeo.(Covy Moore/

Rodeo funny man Dennis Halstead like to play with fire and explosions. This is only the second time I have seen this act, but I really knew what was about to happen, which helped a lot. I am not sure what exactly makes this a great photos. If it is the collective breathe holding we all do looking at Halstead. Maybe it is the child-like smiling out of bull fighter Monty Phillips. Even Scott Waye at the far right providing a deluge of flammable materials for the act. Dennis Halstead. Keep doing what you do.



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