Jordan Hansen “capable” of winning Canadian, NFR titles

Winning a pro rodeo in the bull riding is no easy feat. Winning after having to strap onto the back of one, fighting him in the chutes and then coming back for a re-ride makes this that much tougher.

And that is what Jordan Hansen was up against this weekend in Grand Prairie, where he took a 84.5 score on the back of Canadian Outlaw, a Vold, Outlaw, Pozzobon, Prescott bull.

“I knew that bull pretty good, Ty Pozzobon actually raised that bull so I had seen him a couple times this year,” Hansen told “It was an easy decision to take the re-ride and go with him. I had never been on him, just seen him a bunch this year, he looks good every time.”

That score was good enough for the win, at the event that saw four men cover their bulls. Dustin Bowen, Tim Lipsett and Garrett Green made up the four money slots.

Hansen said that the weekend in Grand Prairie was as to be expected, with some rain and a little bit of chilly weather, but a great event all around.

“That has always been an awesome rodeo, always seems to be cold and raining, but it’s such a good rodeo to go to,” Hansen said. “There is that much money added, and that good of an event, you don’t feel bad driving that far for that one.”

The additional $2,700 to his tally on the year will give Hansen a boost in the standings, likely shooting him up towards the top four once the official results are calculated.

The young Calgary cowboy said that this season is all about pushing for the CFR and hopefully an NFR berth in Las Vegas and not so much worrying about the PBR Canada standings.

“Come here July, I am not going to be worried about the PBR stuff, but going to some PRCA rodeos and up here for all the CPRA rodeos, cause they count down there too. Those will be my main goal,” said Hansen.

“I want that gold buckle in Canada for sure, then try to get to Vegas for the NFR. We haven’t had a Canadian bull rider there in quite a while, so I kind of want to be that guy. I have been rodeoing up here for a few years now, CFR is something I need to be at every year. I haven’t gone down south too much to make a name and get to Vegas. I feel like I should be a top guy, and I am capable of wining a gold buckle up here, and capable of winning a gold buckle down in Vegas.”

jordan hansen

Hansen says that there is a benchmark of sorts come the end of a season for a bull rider in Canada, a point which a guy knows that he should be in a good position to qualify for finals.

“That $20,000 mark, with that you are 95 per cent of the time safe and going to Edmonton. Obviously you want to exceed that, but when you hit that $20,000 mark there is a bit of weight off your shoulders.”

Despite his passion for the rodeo side of the bull riding world, Hansen said that if he found himself atop the standings and with an opportunity to make the PBR Canada tour, he would certainly put more effort into being at bull ridings, but he will cross that bridge when he gets to it.

“They are still very good events. The PBR has stepped it up this year,” said Hansen. “A lot of guys don’t like sitting around and watching a whole rodeo. They like to go and get on and get out, then carry on the next one. You don’t have to deal with the gossip of the rodeo. With a PBR, you are going to draw a good bull 90 per cent of the time. I have always just liked going to the rodeos a little bit more.”



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