Hell on Hooves Episode 10: Edmonton, AB “CFR”

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to bring you all as much content lately but I have sure been on the road myself! I’m going to write about our travels just the last couple days to Asquith, SK; Montreal, QC; then right back to Hand Hills, AB. Tomorrow I fly right off to Chicago, IL; then Newark, NJ; and to Sao Paulo, Brazil to sleep there a day and up into Northern Brazil in a town called Porto Vehlo in the state of Rondonia.

I got to meet with Dennis Hrapchak for the first time the other day in Grande Prairie, AB as well. Along with his crew Pete and Ed. I look forward to the shooting of Season 4 but here’s Act 1 of Episode 10 from Season 3 which aired last Tuesday. If you missed it here it is and keep looking for the DVD’s to come out soon. I’ll be letting you all know where to find them once they are available!

Until then, here’s some more of the best rodeo show in the CPRA featuring the best bull riders in Canada on the sports biggest stage:



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