Two Vehicles to be Awarded This Coming Weekend

Calgary, AB: Canadian Professional Rodeo’s 2012 Season will come to a close this coming weekend in Hanna, AB and McCord, SK. It’s a person’s last chance to get to the CFR if they’ve still got a hope. Check back later in the week for more on that and which races you’ll want to keep an eye on.

What’ also up for grabs in Hanna is the Wilf Girletz Memorial Award which is given to the All Around Champion. You know two time champion Tanner Girletz will be after a third title in his grandfather’s name. Kyle Thomson will be in the running too. Last week, Dwayne Erickson reported that Kyle had already won the Linderman award. As it turns out, a story on today said that’s not the case. He is in the lead and the only man qualified so far and probably will win it, however it didn’t look to be official yet according to that story.

A car will also be given out in Hanna on Sunday. It’s awarded to the bull rider with the highest combined scores between the long go of the White Lightning Dodge Pro Cowboy Crunch in Oyen, AB which took place July 25th and the Hanna Pro Rodeo.

This is who’s in the lead after Oyen.

  1. Chad Besplug 86.5
  2. Beau Hill 84.5
  3. Ty Patten 83.5
  4. Kyle Lozier 83
  5. (Tie) Blade Young 82.5
  6. (Tie) Ty Pozzobon 82.5
  7. Miles Pennington 82
  8. Garrett Green 81.5
  9. Dustin Tompkins 78
  10. Tanner Girletz 77

It’s real likely that one of these ten guys will stay on in Hanna so one of them that listed will get to drive themselves a new car home from Hanna that they get to use for an entire year.

What’s exciting about this weekend is that there’s another vehicle being given away this weekend in Lloydminster, SK. There will be more on that all week.

There are a few people that have a shot at winning them both. How about that weekend where you could win two new vehicles? Great for the sport and even greater for that guy if it happens.

Pretty outstanding for Rodeo and Bull Riding in Canada to give away two vehicles in one weekend if you ask me!




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