Creasy Out With Broken Femur – Benefit May 30th JS Arena

Vaughn, MT: For those of you like myself who weren’t sure exactly where Vaughn Montana is, it’s right outside of Great Falls. So it’s a five hour drive from Calgary at the most for those of you from up here looking to make it to this event a week from today.

The following paragraph was taken from the Facebook event information area.

May 30th at 6:00pm there will be a benefit roughstock rodeo held at the JS Arena for PRCA Bareback Rider Luke Creasy. Luke broke his femur wile competing at the Helldorado Days Pro Rodeo in Las Vegas last Saturday. Luke is currently in the top 20 and was working on his first trip to the Wrangler National Finals when the accident happened.
There is $1000 added in each three roughstock events with $50 fees. To enter call Dani Hamann at 406-231-2742. The proceeds will be donated to Luke to help with his recovery. A silent auction will be held with the proceeds going to Luke, anyone wanting to donate just needs to bring their items to the benefit the 30th two hours before the rodeo.

To learn more about the event check it out on Facebook through this link:

The latest update said there would now be $2000 added in the Saddle Bronc riding and that there are only 10 spots left.

Here is an article from Dwayne Erickson for the Calgary Herald as well explaining more about what happened to Luke as well as his expected recovery time.

Best of luck Luke. Heal up fast. We are all looking forward to you making your first trip to the NFR.



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