Some Cowboy Knowledge from Baxter Black on a Friday Afternoon

Calgary, AB: I don’t read a ton, but I do read a bit. It goes in spurts along with finding good books. Talking about a great book, is the one I’m reading right now by Baxter Black. It’s called “Ride, Cowboy,  Ride! 8 Seconds Ain’t That Long.” As the back cover says it’s a “Hilarious tale of true love and saddle-bronc riding featuring a zany cast of characters on a cross-country quest to make it to the National Finals Rodeo and find everlasting fame, glory and happiness.”

I’m only a third of the way through and it’s already been that much and more. Baxter knows the real thing. He’s about as Cowboy as one can be. Even better yet, he can explain, exaggerate and paint a vivid picture in your imagination through his expertise with words.

Being fiction, I’m guessing some of the characters and events may be very loosely based on some real life happenings. A lot of the side notes I’ve read thus far are very good too. This one jumped out the most thus far as I thought I would share it today. There will likely be more.

This excerpt comes from page 42 of the hardcover version of the book. All the best to you this weekend!



I have come to believe, not in fate, but in forks in the road.

We humans have the ability to make choices. We choose to go left or go right. You step off the curb this way and you get hit by a car. You step off the same curb the other direction, and you meet someone who changes your life.

You do have the choice, but there is no way to control all the ripples once the rock has been tossed. Nothing is inevitable.

Cooney and Ruta may never see each other again, but it is quite likely they will remember each other a very long time. He will always think of her as “The Jewish Girl” and he will come to her mind every time “Rodeo” comes up. An unusual legacy for two people who don’t even know each other’s last name.

Baxter Black in Ride, Cowboy, Ride! 8 Seconds Ain’t That Long

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