One of Baxter Black’s Favorite Stories

Benson, AZ: What is a Cowboy? How might you describe a cowboy or what being a Cowboy really is? That’s a question we will touch upon tomorrow as there have been some developments that made me feel as if it should be touched upon.

For today, one person who I know is a Cowboy first off, and could be described as many things to go along with it is none other than Baxter Black.

Baxter is probably best known for his writing and reciting of Cowboy Poetry. That’s what I’d like to share with you guys today. Honestly I meant to share this earlier in the day but it didn’t work out that way.

What would you think of seeing a new video from Baxter each week?

Maybe you should let me know after this one from him!


If you’d like to see any more from Baxter check out his website at



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