This is for the cowgirl in the background – I see you 

Photo of yours truly, taken by Endless Horizon Photography

EDMONTON, Alberta (April 22, 2022) – Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try to grow in society – bullying is always going to exist. After reading something on Facebook about the hardship a young girl is facing in high school rodeo, I realized nothing has changed since I last competed at a high school rodeo. So, I have something to say for the young girls trying their best because I see you, I do. I know what it’s like to try your best with a horse that is not making any points. I know what it’s like to see the stares and hear the laughs after you knock three barrels or break the pattern. So, this one is for you:

For the cowgirls who practice every single night of the week with the hopes of making points

For the cowgirls who don’t fit in with the crowd of “cool girls”

For the cowgirls who don’t own the nicest tack, the coolest clothes, or the fastest horses

For the cowgirls who cry in the trailer after smashing their leg on a barrel or two

For the cowgirls who put blood, sweat, and tears into that one horse because it was all they had

I see you.

And to the parents who wish they could get their daughter that amazing horse, so they no longer have to see the defeat in her eyes, I see you too. 

I want to tell you that it gets better but sometimes it doesn’t. Luckily in my last year of high school rodeo, I was fortunate enough to get the coolest little mare from my dear friend over at Lipstick & Cowboy boots; and that was when I finally felt accepted by the crowd. That horse that I struggled with for many, many, years is still in my field and finally competing the way I wanted. Sometimes it doesn’t always happen that way, but you are going to learn important lessons in life through all of this. All that hard work will pay off and all those people who laugh at you will one day be cheering for you. My father always said to me “it’s not the size of the trailer, it’s what comes out of it”. I used to roll around with a bumper pull stock trailer and even borrowed a living quarters trailer throughout high school. You may not be able to afford the fastest horse, the best equipment, or the nicest rig, but if you continue to work your hardest and remain positive…it will all fall into place one day. 

So, to the cowgirl in the background, I see you. You got this.



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