Brendon Clark, Dylan Hice, Derek Lacasa, and my good buddy Caleb Johnson are all the main characters of this new bull riding show. I’m not quite sure yet what the format is but it sure looks cool! Hopefully it turns into a show we see a lot more of!

This was filmed at Billy Aviles house in Hollister, California. Billy is the Promoter of the Hollister, CA PBR and it just so happens that its this weekend! Last year Justin McBride was even there to sing. If you’re in their area you should really make it down there because it’s one of the best PBR Touring Pro Events in all of the USA.

If you aren’t already following Brendon Clark on Twitter too you can find him @BrendonClark and check out all his updates on whats happening! I’m on there too actually @TedStovin

Until then though here’s the show I hope you enjoy it! What might you like to see in the next episode?




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