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Calgary, AB: This offer was published first on August 28th. Many people have already capitalized on the opportunity and have already got their ads published ahead of time. As October 15th is this coming Monday, it’s time to let you know once more about these great advertising rates for the remainder of the year!

With the 2012 Canadian Finals Rodeo and National Finals Rodeo’s coming up in the next three months, it’s time to start thinking about your fall marketing plans.

It’s been quite the year for and the future is very bright.

The summer has been great, now it’s time to ask, “What’s next?”

As you can see, there are a number of great companies and events that have chosen to advertise with us. What kind of results are they getting?

To explain it, these numbers tell you a bit more about how many people are influenced by each day, month and where they are coming from.

In the the set eight months, there have been an average of 8,443 visits each month looking at an average of 13,307 pages per month. The average visit duration over that period of time is 1:23 (one minute and twenty three seconds). If  you multiply the 8,443 visits by eight months that adds up to be over 67,000 total visits which would mean over 83,000 minutes spent on the site (1,385 hours or even 57 days.) So in these eight months, about 40,000 people collectively have spent almost two months worth of time on the site.

Of those visits, you’re probably wondering where they have all come from. These are the top five cities from Dec 1, 2011 to August 27, 2012.

  1. Edmonton, AB: 12,512 visits for an average of 1:26 spent on the site.
  2. Calgary, AB: 7,860 visits for an average of 2:03 spent on the site.
  3. Red Deer, AB: 2,777 visits for an average of 1:45 spent on the site.
  4. Saskatoon, SK: 2,401 visits for an average of 1:26 spent on the site.
  5. Toronto, ON: 1,991 visits for an average of 1:02 spent on the site.


If your business is located in one of these markets, you can see how beneficial that these numbers of people searching for content located right here. Note too that over 64% of all visitors come to via a search engine. It really makes sense that someone looking for Rodeo and Bull Riding news would come here.

Canada may also have all the highest ranked cities, however the United States brings in a large number of visitors as well.

Total visits by Country. Dec 1, 2011 to August 27th, 2012.

  1. Canada: 46,946 visits.
  2. United States: 17,912 visits.
  3. Australia: 718 visits.
  4. Not set: 464 visits.
  5. Mexico: 210 visits.


Last November (2011) saw 4,825 visits on the site for a total of 7,904 page views. We could expect nearly 15,000 this year. Or more, who knows.

December of 2011 was the biggest month to date until July 2012 and the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede took place.

Let’s start off with December of 2011 where there were 12,055 visits in a single month adding up to 18,415 page views.

That was surpassed last month (July 2012) when 13,500 visits to the site were made totaling 21,004 visits. That’s an increase of over three times from the July 2011 total of 4,207 visits.

If the numbers prevail, and are the same for the 2012 National Finals Rodeo, according to how much the July numbers have increased, we should be looking at about 36,000 visits for this year’s NFR in Las Vegas this December.

The current evaluation thus far is only from the website, it doesn’t include anything from any of the social media outlets Everything Cowboy is on. Like Twitter for example where my last 50 tweets (@TedStovin) as of October 11th, 2012 reached 6,590 accounts for a total of 73,338 impressions (the total number of times my content was seen.) And that was only in the last five days.

Everything Cowboy YouTube videos are seen an average of 30,000 times per month. For a total of 250,000 views overall since the inception of the EC YouTube Channel. Thanks for getting us there! Then there is Facebook where the Everything Cowboy page on Facebook reached 43,096 people accounting for over 400,000 impressions from August 11th to 17th alone.


Now to where EC can benefit you. This is the offer.

Over two months of a 250 pixel by 125 pixel ad running from mid-October until after Christmas for $150. That’s less than the price of two months regularly. Or you can more than double your ad space for only $75 more. That’s right, a 250 pixel by 350 pixel ad for only $225 for more than two months of exposure.

We can design your ad for an extra $25 which is also a special. Otherwise,  you can send us your own graphics.

The first people to call for their spots will be placed near the top of the site. So if you’re on the fence and waiting you’ll be further down.

Give me a call at 780-542-1638 or send me an email to today to reserve your spot.

I look forward to hearing from you and doing business with you!




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