The Last Call from #CFR12

Edmonton, AB: There wasn’t a whole bunch of time to do much writing this week during the Canadian Finals Rodeo. I was working for the CPRA while I had Luke Cummings working for me keeping you guys updated here on Everything Cowboy.

We are still waiting on a couple highlight videos from the last two rounds. Hopefully they make their way to us here in the next day or two.

Either way, coming down to the way it did, I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of quite an exciting rodeo. It would have been nice to see Dusty LaValley win again in the Bareback Riding along with Lindsay Sears to get her first Barrel Racing Canadian Championship. Earlier in the week it was looking that way.

Congratulations to Scott Schiffner on an amazing year. I’m not sure if anyone could ever really top that, ever.

On the CPRA side of things, I had the opportunity to speak last night at supper but never figured out what I needed to say by the time the speaking was over. Ralph Murray even gave me the chance to but I didn’t know what would sound right. Luckily I’ve got a second go to make it right.

First off, I’d like to thank the CPRA for having me as a part of your team this week. Every single person in your office does way more for the sport than many may know. Secondly, I hope I’ve been an asset in the helping of moving things forward. Also, I’ve got to say that being a part of it all during the event, I never saw any trouble during the entire event. Thank you to everyone at Northlands for producing yet again a very successful CFR. Everyone involved in the entire event on both the CPRA and Northlands sides were calm and focused and got the job done making the event run extremely smooth. I’m looking forward to what comes our ways in the future!

Finally I’d like to take this time to congratulate CPRA President Dale Leschiutta on all his years of involvement with both Northlands and the CPRA. You’ve been a great leader and will be greatly missed.

Next year the CFR turns 40. It’ll sure be one to see!

Oh ya, I wanted to include some numbers on things in here too. On the traffic on Everything Cowboy thus far in November of 2012 has already passed the entire number of visits that took place in all of last November (2011), in just twelve days. As for the videos on YouTube, there have been over 15,000 this month already compared to 13,000 total last November. One highlight there being a total of over 3,000 YouTube views on Thursday November 8th, 2012.

Thank you once again to all of our advertisers for your support! Without you this site wouldn’t be what it is. Those numbers will surely be going up for the NFR next month too which I booked my flights for today. If you’re still interested in our advertising options give me a shout so we can work something out in the next three weeks.

Thanks again Edmonton, Northlands and the CPRA!

See you all down the road.

Ted Stovin



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