Schiffner comes from behind to win Second Canadian Championship

Ponoka, AB: On the second last day of the year we arrive at number two on the list. Again it’s probably going to be one of those controversial ones since we are getting to the top, but this is where I thought it should be. It was tough to make everything fit in the right order. Since I haven’t heard much from anyone besides the Josh Birks fans I’m guessing I’ve been doing alright.

This one may be good or bad for the Scott Schiffner fans as he could have very easily been number one. Him finishing number one in Canada as the 2012 Canadian Bull Riding Champion is second on the countdown. Scott did so in fine style too.

It had been twelve years since Schiffner had won his first Canadian Championship at the ripe age of 21 years old in 2001. On his way to that Canadian Championship he also won the CFR average title and the Calgary Stampede’s then $50,000 bonus.

In 2012 after losing the season leader title by less than $1,000 to Ty Pozzobon, Scott would prove to win it all in the end by passing Ty in the final round of the CFR. He did so by riding Big Stone’s showy little Pop Evil as Pozzobon came down early from VJV Slash. Earlier in the week and actually up to about 24 hours before it looked like Ty was cruising his was tot he title, highlighted by the fact that Schiffner had come down early from three bulls already to that point.

Those last two perfs made the difference. It can mean a ton when there’s over $11,000 on the line every time a guy nods his head.

This year we have the luxury of seeing how it all transpired courtesy of Juxtapose Productions the makers of Hell on Hooves.


At 32, Scott Schiffner isn’t finished yet. After winning Cowboy of the Year though still as a contestant, he’s already done more than nearly any other bull rider ever from Canada.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012 and we will bring you the number one moment of the year.

If you haven’t made your New Year’s Eve plans yet consider Canada’s Ultimate Cowboy, it gets underway at 7:00pm in Ponoka, AB at the Calnash Ag Events Center. Tickets are still available at the door, or online at




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