Round One #CFR12 Draw

Edmonton, AB: Check out the link here to see tomorrow night’s CFR Draw. It’ll get started at 7:00pm with a performance by Dean Brody!


There sure are some good looking match-ups like Clint Laye in the Bareback on Wayne Vold’s Centennial. Or Kyle Thomson on another Vold Horse, Centennial. Sam Kelts on Calgary’s John Wayne is sure to impress. It’s one wicked pen of bulls out tomorrow. Anyone could win it!

We will have the nightly round highlights as well as the interviews with each of the round winners as they happen tomorrow.

Oh ya, looks like the United States has a new President too. Four more years of Barack Obama. I’m no expert in that field so I’ll leave it at that!

#CFR12 is less than 24 hours away.




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