Pozzobon Gets His Revenge on Skori’s Gingas Kong for Oyen Win

Oyen, AB: It’s not very often you’ll get to see a 90 point bull ride in person. Let alone about one every couple years in the same exact arena. 

There must be some magic in the arena dirt in Oyen because it seems to happen quite often there. When you think about it though, matching up the best bulls and bull riders in Canada will up your chances a ton.

Adding to the list of 90 point rides at the White Lightning Dodge Pro Cowboy Crunch last night was Ty Pozzobon. As the 6th place man coming into the Short Go, he drew up on the Skori Bull Gingas Kong. A bull he matched up with this past Saturday in Manor, SK where the bull was victorious.

Pozzobon made the whistle this time around. Barely, at 8.2 seconds on Lane Petersen’s watch. 90 points was the results and he earned every point. The winnings should vault him right up to second place in the 2012 Canadian Standings and solidify his spot at this year’s Canadian Finals Rodeo.

Ty wasn’t the only one making his way up the standings last night either. Here’s how the night’s events transpired.


Beau Hill started things off on the right note with this great ride on Ellie Skori’s Smoke Ring. Great way to start off my picks too. Like Steve Turner said on the ride home, “How about the kick on that bull right out of the chute.”


Only a few rides later, Kyle Lozier made a solid ride on the new Girletz Bull called Crick of Insanity.


As my second pick of the night, Ty Patten kept things going and making me look good by riding the Girletz bull Extra Mustard.


Blade Young is back and has been winning. He rode the Big Country Bull Shot Glass here in the second half of the Long Go.


Big Country’s Black Label is a solid bull that Ty Pozzobon didn’t have a touch of trouble with at all last night to slip into the 6th spot for the Short Go.


As the highest paid bull rider in the entire World in the past month, Chad Besplug showed everyone just why by making a move no one might ever duplicate, even Chad himself to get back in the middle of Diego for the Long Go win. Luckily he made the bull look real tough to get a good score.


After the Long Go, these were the standings.

  1. Chad Besplug 86.5
  2. Beau Hill 84.5
  3. Ty Patten 83.5
  4. Kyle Lozier 83
  5. (Tie) Blade Young 82.5
  6. (Tie) Ty Pozzobon 82.5


Starting off the Short Go, in the final spot came Ty Pozzobon. He needed a big score to take the lead. It turned out to be the best ride all year caught on film for the site yet!


Blade Young drew the Big Country Bull Bad Motor Scooter which Tanner Byrne won second at Maple Creek on last weekend.


For at least the second time, Kyle Lozier went up against the Girletz Bull First Nation Sensation partially owned by secretary Nikki Phipps.


In November of 2010, Ty Patten rode Mr. Echo at his first  Canadian Finals Rodeo. He went in feeling confident. This was Mr. Echo’s first trip back since the 2011 CFR.


Jesse Torkelson rode Murphy’s Law in last year’s Cowboy Crunch for an 85 in the Long Go. Beau Hill matched up with him in last night’s Short Go and put up a solid effort.


Chad Besplug only had to be about 86 points to win the event. He had more than enough bull to do it too. He might want this one back. The Sawyer Bull 750 Nedley Mandingo did win the bull of the event for this out though. Congratulations to Curtis & Deuce for the great bull!


At the end of the event I caught up with Ty about the win and getting Gingas Kong back for last week.


Unofficial Final Event Standings and Payout

-Long Go

  1. Chad Besplug 86.5 on Girletz’s 527 Diego $1,452
  2. Beau Hill 84.5 $1,089
  3. Ty Patten 83.5 $726
  4. Kyle Lozier 83 $363
-Short Go
  1. Ty Pozzobon 90 on Skori’s 703 Gingas Kong $400 (Plus $600 in ground money that does not count to the standings.)
  1. Ty Pozzobon 172.5/2 $3811.50
  2. Chad Besplug 86.5/1 $2722.50
  3. Beau Hill 84.5/1 $1633.50
  4. Ty Patten 83.5/1 $1089.00
  5. Kyle Lozier 83/1 $871.20
  6. Blade Young 82.5/1 $762.30
I’d personally like to thank announcer Doug Young for mentioning my site here last night so much. I sure do appreciate it Doug!

The White Lightning Dodge Professional Cowboy Crunch is Pround to Thanks it’s generous Sponsors including Fountain Tire and Napa Auto Parts in Oyen, AB. Please be sure to tell them who sent you too!

As mentioned as well in the program, Join us next year for the 15th Annual White Lightning Dodge Professional Cowboy Crunch Bull-A-Rama Wednesday July 24th, 2013!



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