Pankewitz Wins 10th Cochrane Classic

Cochrane, AB: It couldn’t have turned out much better. The move to a summer event and pairing up to work with the Cochrane Lions Club to further promote the 10th Annual Cochrane Classic CPRA Bull Riding. A western sunset shone through from behind the announcers stand and painted a picture that would rival a Charlie Russel original. 

Announcers Wes Cummings and John Copithorne told the story of the evening. You’ll hear them in many of the videos below. Great job by both of them throughout the evening.

Event Producer Jason Borton put everything together for another great show as well. From the way the event went last night I would expect to see the new format continued on for years to come.

As the second Special Event Bull Riding this week in the CPRA, there was a lot of money paid out last night as well. There were some changes and moves made in the standings that shook things up a bit. Tyler Pankewitz picked up over $5,000 for the win and will move himself up from 11th right to 4th. Beau Hill placed again and will move himself up. The same story goes for Jesse Torkelson who was a bit behind in the CFR race but made up some important ground last night.

Whipping and hustling, Jesse started off the bull riding by putting out more effort than anyone else would all night on the Outlawbuckers’ Bull White Rush’n for a slightly low 85 point score. It’s rides like this that won Jesse the Canadian Championship in 2010.


Right after Tork went his brother in law Tyler Pankewitz topping him by a half a point on the previously un-ridden Outlawbuckers Bull X Factor.


You’ve got to love it in hockey when the ref makes the right call. They don’t often get cheered on for it but that’s not how it really works in that position. It’s the same in judging a bull riding. I’d like to point out a good call here by our judges last night. You can’t really see it in this video, but Beau Hill never nodded for this bull. You can sense it in his riding though as well as how the gate man never really opened the gate as quick as he should have. I clearly did not see Beau nod and I’m glad the judges awarded him a re-ride.


Garrett Green matched Tyler Pankewitz’s 85.5 for the long go lead with this effort on the Outlawbuckers’ Bull Brahma Boots.


Two Time CFR Qualifier Beau Brooks made this ride on the Franklin Bull In Color to move into a short go spot with an 80 point score.


Last year’s WRA, LRA & FCA Champion Bull Rider Todd Chotowetz has been making his way up the ranks this year. He rode the Franklin Bull So What here for an 82 which would eventually take him to the short go.


Since he never nodded on the Outlawbuckers’ Bull Alberta Premium, Beau Hill was rightfully awarded a re-ride. Red Stag was first on the list and it worked out well for Beau.


Ashton Arychuk put up a huge amount of effort even as his hand was worked out of his rope on Kelly Armstrong’s 777 Like Magic.


2008 Canadian Champion Tyler Thomson styled up the Franklin Bull Jay Black for an 82.5 which pushed Beau Brooks out of making the short go by one spot.


Leading into the Short Go, these were the standings

  1. (Tie) Tyler Pankewitz 85.5 on OB 734 X Factor
  2. (Tie) Garrett Green 85.5 on OB851 Brahma Boots
  3. Jesse Torkelson 85
  4. Beau Hill 84
  5. Tyler Thomson 82.5
  6. Todd Chotowetz 82


A rank set of short go bulls were assembled for the night’s bull riding. It’s not very often a bull riding up here only has two contractors either. Kelly Armstrong and Dwayne Schellenberg put together a great and even pen of bulls for this year’s Cochrane Classic. Dwayne even said he thinks this is his best pen of bulls he’s ever had.


One of those new greats in my opinion is 769 Blue Zone. He started off the short go by pitching Todd Chotowetz into next week after the first couple rounds.


Anderson Brown is a new bull of Kelly Armstrong’s that Scott Schiffner was 86 on about three weeks ago in Calgary at a bull riding. His travelling partner, Jesse Torkelson drew him last night. Jesse is a ways back and with his 85 in the long go, he was looking to get a big score and make his way that much closer to this year’s Canadian Finals.


Tyler Thomson hasn’t had the year he’s wanted to have so far. After a rough go at the start of the year and a knee operation, his comeback hasn’t quite been what he’s wanted it to be either. At the moment, he’s not in the Top 20 either. Last night in the short go, Tyler drew Road Rage.


Montana’s Beau Hill has been on a roll as of late. You can see in his riding that he wants to get himself back once again to the CFR. With rides like this he’s probably going to get there again. This bull of Kelly Armstrong’s threw off Tanner Girletz in the Ten Round at Calgary last week.


Needing 87 points or more to overtake the lead from Hill, Warburg Native Tyler Pankewitz drew up on the Franklin Bucker Hands Up.


It all came down to one ride for the win. If Garrett Green could beat Pankewitz’s 88.5 he would be the Cochrane Classic Champion. Dwayne Schellenberg brought Dakota Joe to town and he spins fast. Real fast.


Since Garrett was unfortunately unable to make the whistle, Tyler Pankewitz was our champion at the 10th Annual Cochrane Classic CPRA Bull Riding. He feels pretty great to be at this spot at this point in the season.


Unofficial Final Event Standings and Payout

-Long Go

  1. (Tie) Tyler Pankewitz 85.5 on OB 734 X Factor, $1,270.50
  2. (Tie) Garrett Green 85.5 on OB851 Brahma Boots, $1,270.50
  3. Jesse Torkelson 85, $726.
  4. Beau Hill 84, $363.
-Short Go
  1. Tyler Pankewitz 88.5 on FB4 Hands Up, $400.
  2. Beau Hill 88, $300. ($150 Ground Money Each)
  1.  Tyler Pankewitz 174/2, $3811.50.
  2.  Beau Hill 172/2, $2722.50.
  3.  Garrett Green 85/1, $1633.50.
  4.  Jesse Torkelson 85/1, $1089.00.
  5. Tyler Thomson 82.5/1, $871.20.
  6. Todd Chotowetz 82/1, $762.30.


From Cochrane, that’s it for this year at the Cochrane Classic. See you all next year.



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