Live from Las Vegas NFR 2011 Round 9 Results Round 10 Draw

Las Vegas, NV: We are less than an hour from when the first gate cracks at the NFR tonight. There are just two performances left to decide this years PRCA World Champions. JW Harris has been outstanding. I was able to tape an interview with he an Rick Thompson of last night. He is on a mission. I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone talk about goals as seriously with as much confidence as he did last night. He outright said he wanted to beat Donny Gay’s record of 8 World Bull Riding titles he also wants to win 6 in a row to beat Jim Shoulder’s record of 6 in a row.

I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anyone else talk about goals as lofty as JW’s. The way he stated them as well I absolutely believe he someday may beat both records. I am interested to talk to more of the bull riders about their goals to see what their focus is and if anyone else thinks they could pull of such a feat or if it’s even something that they want to do.

Lindsay Sears is now in the drivers seat of the barrel racing here at the NFR. She’s got the lead in the average by over 2 full seconds and two clean runs will make it tough for either Brittany Pozzi or Sheri Cervi to catch her.

The saddle bronc riding looks very interesting as well. It’s coming down to Taos Muncy and Jesse Wright. They are one and two in the average and the World Standings as well. This is when the Average payout comes into play big time.

Average payout:

  1. $45,865
  2. $37,212
  3. $29,432
  4. $21,635
  5. $15,577
  6. $11,250
  7. $7,788
  8. $4,327

Here are today’s round winners along with most of the interviews with them as well.

Bareback: Casey Colletti 87.5 on Jessies Girl or Smith Harper and Morgans

Average Leaders: #1. Kaycee Field 773.5/9, #2. Bobby Mote 748/9, #3. Casey Colletti 744.5/9

Steer Wrestling: Luke Branquinho, Jake Rinehart & Casey Martin 3.6 seconds

Luke Branquinho:

Average Leaders: #1. Shawn Greenfield , #2. Jason Miller, #3. Luke Branquinho

Team Roping: Jade Corkill and Chad Masters 3.6 seconds

Chad Masters:

Average Leaders: #1. Turle Poweel & Jhett Johnson 47.5/8, #2. Trevor Brazile & Patrick Smith 48.1/8, #3. Jake Barnes & Walt Woodard 65.5/8

Saddle Bronc: Jesse Wright wins once again in the saddle bronc 87 points tonight on the Beutler horse Cimmaron Jack

Average Leaders: #1. Jesse Wright 768.5/9, , #2. Taos Muncy 719.5/9, , #3. Wade Sundell 660.5/8

Tie Down Roping: Shane Hanchey 7.6 seconds

Average Leaders: #1. Matt Shiozawa 78.5/9, #2. Tyson Durfey 80.5/9, #3. Adam Gray 80.9/9

Barrel Racing: Lisa Lockhart with a 13.79

Part 1.

Part 2.

Average Leaders: #1. Lindsay Sears 125.75/9, #2. Christina Richman 128.12/9, #3. Brenda Mays 128.86/9

Bull Riding: Cody Whitney and RMEF Bugle of Jeff Robinson’s for a 90.5

Average Leaders: #1. LJ Jenkins 413.5/5, #2. Bobby Welsh 411.5/5, #3. Shane Proctor 399.5/5

For a quick list of the results in every event all on one page check out Ted Harbin’s “Twisted Rodeo”

For the full results and AVERAGE Standings follow this link to the PRCA Website:

For everything NFR such as the World Standings, RAM Top Gun Standings and pictures check out the NFR Homepage on the PRCA Site:

Round 9 Video Highlights:

Round 10 Draw:

Talking to Ace Northcott about Get Smart which will be out tomorrow in the final round

Pt 1

Pt 2



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