Hansen Wins Bikes and Bulls, Byrne is Second and Secures Return to CFR

Airdrie, AB: After a year away from competition, Dan Hansen is getting himself closer to making a return to the Canadian Finals Rodeo. With a win last night at the Second Annual Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes and Bulls Charity Event, he’s still a long shot to make it to Edmonton, but it’s still a shot. Tanner Byrne finishes in second and secures his return to the CFR.

It was a great evening for bull riding. As the sun set in the west over the hill where the majority of the spectators sat to take in the festivities.

Once the sun was down, the temperature may have cooled off but the bull riding action picked up.

Jordan Hansen has been on a roll as of late. On Friday night he picked himself up a new buckle, $1,200 and a Calgary Flames Jersey for winning the inaugural Curtis Glencross Invitational Roughstock Charity Event in Innisfail, AB. Last night in Airdrie he started things off as the first man out on the night on the Outlawbuckers Bull Scare Tactic.


Dan Hansen, no relation to Jordan Hansen, went not long after. Dan said last night he’s the only one left in his truck of travelling partners still able to ride after a bunch of injuries last weekend. He’s winning their share for them as he moved into the early lead with and 84.5 on Outlawbuckers’ Tracker.


Denton Edge has pretty quietly made his 2012 CFR bid. Currently ninth in the standings, with a few more checks, he should get himself back to Edmonton. Edge made Wee Willie look rather easy even giving him a money chop or two at the end.


Skyler McBride isn’t quite in the same situation as Denton. McBride needs to win nearly everything in order to make his first CFR appearance in 2012. A ride last night on Kelly Armstrong’s 777 Like Magic would have got him much closer. Speaking of close, he dam near was there last night.


Tanner Girletz is in a little better shape than Skyler. As of the last set of standings, he was $1,300 ahead of McBride and in 14th place. It’s a situation he’s been in before and been successful in. Girletz is getting closer with rides like this on Franklin’s  Heavy Metal.


Kyle Wallgren has been having his best year ever in my opinion. It’s great to see the amount of effort he’s been putting out, even if it might not be seen that way to all. The flying dismount of the week has to go to him on this Ellie Skori Bull Smoke Show.


Ty Patten is another one of those guys looking to get back to the CFR after missing it in 2011. As of those last standings he was in 18th place and about $7,000 back from Steve Turner in 12th. Patten has got some winning to do yet but got himself into contention too with the long round win at 85.5 on 771 Ram Rod.


Tanner Byrne rode “Saftey Belt” on Friday night in Lethbridge and did not get an 88. Byrne did place and got all the day money that night. That probably got him back to the CFR. This ride got him closer and probably into the race for season leader now. 82 was his long go mark to get into the last Short Go spot on Franklin’s Jay Black.


Jesse Torkelson tore his groin not long ago and hasn’t had the year he’s wanted to have in the CPRA. The 2010 Canadian Champion really wants to get back to Edmonton it might not happen this year unfortunately as he’s in 24th and got just short of $9,000 won thus far. Tork needed a ride on Sterling Price to help his chances out last night, he nearly gritted it out.


Scott Schiffner travels with Jesse Torkelson nearly everywhere they go. Scott is first in Canada and ahead of second place Jody Turner by $4,000. Team Paige will be featured in the September issue of the new Canadian Pro Rodeo News. If you haven’t seen the new mag yet courtesy of Editor Barb Poulsen, you better pick one up. With trips like this, you’ll be hearing more about this bull in the coming months.


With that, the long go was over with. This is how it was paid out unofficially.

First round: 1. Ty Patten, 85.5 points on Franklin Rodeo’s Ram Rod, $1,316; 2. Daniel Hansen, 84.5, $987; 3. (tie) Jordan Hansen and Tanner Girletz, 83, $499 each.


Coming into the Short Go in the sixth spot was Tanner Byrne, he probably had one of the better and more ride-able bulls. They’ve been as high as 89 on Lazy Boy at least once before. Byrne absolutely solidified his CFR spot with an 87 on the white and black spotted bull.


Tanner Girletz would have got himself a lot closer to the finals if he had stayed on the Kelly Armstrong & Annette Smith  Bull, Annette’s Pet. This one would probably be the bull of the night too in my opinion.


Denton Edge is in good shape to get himself back to Edmonton like said before. The brindle Outlawbucker Cricket Hunter was a bull he could in the Bikes and Bulls title on too.


Jordan Hansen took on the Franklin bull Short Tail and got into the well but started things off right. His seat belts might have been the only thing that weren’t right. Haha.


Dan Hansen overtook the lead with this 86.5 effort on the Outlawbuckers’  bull Liar Liar. Another new one from Dwayne andRod Schellenberg.


Ty Patten needed an 85.5 to tie for the lead or an 86 to win the event. Bottoms Up of Kelly Armstrong and the Franklin Rodeo Company was more than enough bull to get him there.


Final round: 1. Tanner Byrne, 87.5 points on Outlawbuckers Lazy Boy, $400; 2. Daniel Hansen, 86.5, $300. No other qualified rides.

Average: 1. Daniel Hansen, 171 points, $2,863; 2. Tanner Byrne, 169.5, $2,379; 3. Ty Patten, 85.5 on one, $1,876; 4. (tie) Jordan Hansen and Tanner Girletz, 83, $1,135 each; 6. Denton Edge, 82.5, $494.


All payout numbers are unofficial and courtesy of the CPRA.

That’s it from the Second Annual Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes and Bulls CPRA Bull Riding. Gord Bamford finished off the weekend with his performance that started not long after the bulls. It’ll be great to see how much bigger and better the event gets to be next year. This sure has been a great one thus far in only two years so far.

See you next year Airdrie for the Cowboy Christmas Rodeo. Congrats again to Dan Hansen on the big win taking home the custom made Tyrel Jensen trophy buckle.



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