With today as the last day of the 2013 Canadian Pro Rodeo Association season, a number of races are as close as they can be. In the Bareback Riding, Kyle Bowers will extend his lead as he’s splitting the lead in Hanna. All those spots look to be decided. The same story goes in the Saddle Bronc as far as I can see.

Things get real interesting when we look to the bull riding. Garrett Green put a huge twist into things with a win in McCord, SK last night. Garrett got in a car wreck the other day and broke his kneecap. When I saw him last Saturday he had a cast on his leg from his hip to ankle. I’m pretty sure most people had him counted out as he was behind and needing to win.

As of right now, unofficially, he has $17,610 won on the year to sit 12th. Tyler Pankewitz had that 12th spot up until last night. Luckily for Pank, he won a bit of money out of McCord too. On the year he’s now at $17,421. A mere difference of $189. Even more fortunate for Pankewitz is the fact that he’s sitting second in Hanna right now after an 87 last night on Girletz’s Idiot Proof. It was close as his hand came right out his rope at least a second before the whistle. He hung onto his tail just long enough to get the whistle, that could mean the trip to Edmonton. What it comes down to is that if Green is higher than 87 points today he’s in. If he’s less than that, he’s got to hope he’s within $189 of Pankewitz in Hanna, either way he’s got to ride his bull as Pankewitz has already played his card.

Garrett has a new Vold Bull called Vertigo that really bucks, Vertigo is a bull coming from Blaine Fyson of the Battle River Rodeo Company. He’s going to need it as Chad Besplug is in the lead after his 88.5 on Girletz’s Crack Back Jack. Chad got mucked out a bit after the whistle but luckily for him Scott and Bo Byrne kept him from getting it worse.

Devon Mezei is in 11th place and won second place last night in McCord. That should be enough as he’s now $970 ahead of Tyler and $781 ahead of Garrett. Depending on the payout both could win that much in Hanna but it would be awfully close. Devon has a bull he should ride today too in Vold’s Turn Me Down. If you’re not already headed to Hanna you ought to start heading there to watch this race. The perf today starts at 1:00pm.

Onto the Barrel Racing, it looks like Wacey Hollingsworth has clinched the final spot after winning McCord. She sits second in Hanna right now too helping remove any doubt.

Thankfully that event is close as the Team Roping, Steer Wrestling and Tie Down Roping will all be decided today. Basically since it’s so close, the fastest man is going to win. It’s going to be exciting to watch. A few to look out for specifically will be Kyle Lucas both in the Tie Down and Team Roping. He could make the finals in both events. It looks like he’s about there in the Tie Down, in the Team Roping though he needs a win.

Al Bouchard, Erik Dublanko and Lee Rombough are all behind Kyle sitting 12th to 14th when considering the spots they will have to roll down to due to the American qualifiers in the standings ahead of them.

For the results so far to check on your own over at http://rodeocanada.com/results.htm



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