Dawson Creek, BC CPRA Current Leaders

Dawson Creek, BC: Thanks to Amy Foisy once again for sending these results to us from the 90th Dawson Creek Stampede!

Until we know who won after today’s performance, these are the unofficial leaders and are subject to change.

BB: Steven Peebles 84.5 on KK 481 Wish List

SB: Jim Berry 81.5 on KKS272 Coal Bank

BR: Dakota Buttar 88 on Safe Belt

TDR: Dean Edge 8.3

SW: Kyle Thomson & JD Hays 3.7

TR: Daryn & Dylan Knapp 5.7

LBR: 17.400 Gaileen Babcock

NBB: Jake Watson 75

NSB: Layton Green 62

BSR: Logan Biever 77



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