Cranbrook, BC CPRA Unofficial Champions

Cranbrook Pro Rodeo Unofficial Results thanks to Kelly Leeder!

BB- Jake Marshall on B36 Medieval Kinevil with an 85

SB- Justin Berg on John Duffy’s 6 Stix with an 82

BSR- Dawson Hay with a 77.5

TD- Eric Dublanko with an 8.0

SW- Blake Knowles and Jonny Webb with a n4.2

LBR- Laci Suitor with a 17.596

BR- Denton Edge on WV500 Nails with an 86

If you’ve never been to the Cranbrook Pro Rodeo before, here’s a little look at how beautiful a place it is surrounded by the gigantic pine trees. Pictured below is Ky Marshall taking on the Vold Horse 634 Alibi. This photo comes to us courtesy of Terry & Kelly Leeder’s daughter Carlie.

This one is of Brad Rudolf spurring the John Duffy bucking horse X-81 Laredo. Great pictures Carlie!



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