CFR42 – Round One Draw

11 November 2015

By Ted Stovin

EDMONTON, Alberta — This week, each morning I’m writing a piece about the top matchups for the next performance of the CFR. I’m only going to feature a few each day, leaving it open for you to make your picks in a comment below!

Tyler Thomson posted that tonight was the eliminator pen after I said it was the rank pen. In my opinion, these are the best bulls in Canada and they are the rankest. He’s got one that’s yet to be rode in Juke Box Hero from the Calgary Stampede but my money is on TNT.

Jared Parsonage and Jordan Hansen are mine, and bull fighter Greg Loring Jr.’s picks to win the round. Jr. says “Parsnip has the reigning Bull of the CFR. I think he rides better than a lot of the other bulls out tonight and he’s showing so the judges will like him.”

No Refund from Big Stone Rodeo has matched up with Jordan Hansen. I like the way Pancake rides the bull and he’s done it well all season to end up here in second place. He’s behind number one Dakota Buttar by about a round win so he might as well make it up on the first night. A brockle faced muley, No Refund has been ridden only once on record, that was this summer by 2014 World Champion Sage Kimzey at the Calgary Stampede.

In the bareback I like Ty Taypotat on Up in Smoked from Wayne Vold by way of Jim Lawrence and Primetime Rodeo. Never go wrong with a Saskatchewan man on a Saskatchewan horse. Jake Vold has a lead of nearly two whole rounds. Colin Adams has a horse though that Ryan Gray was 88.5 on this summer in Calgary’s Wild Card round.

In the bronc riding I’m thinking the top horse we will see out is Nickels and Dimes from the Kesler family. This horse is also heading to the Wrangler NFR in a few short weeks. Cort Scheer has Easy to Love from Wayne Vold. This is the same horse Zeke Thurston won the $100k on this summer in the ride off.

Finally, I’ve got to mention and congratulate John T. Duffy and his company, Doubletree Rodeo on what will be their first CFR out tonight with Rip N’ Zip up against Chuck Schmidt. I think it’s great to see another contractor in the mix this year in Edmonton.

The following is the round one draw for the 42nd edition of the Canadian Finals Rodeo at Rexall Place thanks to our friends at Northlands on November 11th, 2015.


Kevin Langevin – K731 Garden Party
Logan Hodson – CT19 Tootsie Roll
Cole Goodine – V26 Wildwood Flower
Dusty LaValley – BW14 Bubbles
Caleb Bennett – K236 Star Burst
Clint Laye – V795 Centennial
Ky Marshall – O83 Open Range
Ty Taypotat – V334 Up in Smoke
Kyle Bowers – C577 Fabio
Matt Lait – CT25 Turkish Whiskey
Colin Adams – FU21 Flat Out
Jake Vold – OW896 Zip Code

Saddle bronc

Dustin Sippola – OM40 Bar Star
Kyle Thomson – K828 Nickels & Dimes
Josh Harden – O0290 Devil’s Who
Chet Johnson – O89 Calico Girl
Zeke Thurston – KK534 Breakaway
Cort Scheer – VL8 Easy to Love
Layton Green – CS15 Sargeant Whitney
Chuck Schmidt – JD21 Rip N’ Zip
Sam Kelts – V11 Shorty
Wade Sundell – O530 Quittin’ Time
Jim Berry – KK633 Summer Trip
Cody DeMoss – CM2 Mad Money

Bull riding

Beau Brooks – OT22 Red Stag
Tanner Girletz – V825 Feeling Blue
Lonnie West – B045 Seven Dust
Scott Schiffner – V102 Hittin’ Heavy
Tyler Thomson – C126 Juke Box Hero
Jesse Torkelson – V69 Rival Son
Zane Lambert – C949 Low Life
Devon Mezei – Z106 Freakazoid
Adam Jamison – B035 Sheep Creek
Jared Parsonage – V905 Proper Ripped
Jordan Hansen – B060 No Refund
Dakota Buttar – O19 Bomb Shell
RR1 – V100 Nailed
RR2 – C819 Man in Black


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The 42nd edition of the Canadian Finals Rodeo runs from November 11th to 15th, 2015 in Rexall Place and is produced by Northlands.



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