100th Annual Bruce Stampede an Overwhelming Success

Bruce, AB: With over 600 people attending Friday Night’s concert Featuring Hey Romeo and another 600 coming out on Saturday, this year’s 100th Annual Bruce Stampede was already a success before the gates even opened up after a record parade on Sunday Morning.

As Lee Ann Rust said in her interview, “I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to count all the people that came through those gates!”

People filled in and out of he stands keeping them packed all day through a few rain drops to wind gusts and even some “September like” weather as one person commented.

Robbie Chomik and the entire Bruce Stampede Association out did themselves for the festive occasion. The rodeo was even kicked off with an old fashioned Bronc Ride. Stay tuned in the months to come for a DVD for sale from the event courtesy of the committee. These clips will show you a bit more of what you’ll see from the event winners.

On the mic you’ll here two-time CPRA Announcer of the Year Brett Gardiner along with a special appearance from Jack Daines in the Saddle Bronc.

Current All Around leader Ky Marshal added to his winnings in his feature event, the Bareback with a win Sunday. 81.5 points was the result on Franklin’s Horse With No Name. Yes that’s right, that’s his name.


As we weren’t filming the slack, we don’t have Ben Ramey’s run. JD Hays and Jeremy Harden were the fastest on Sunday with their 3.8’s. This is JD’s run which earned him over $1,400.


Luke Butterfield needs to win money on both sides of the border. Last week it was a win in Salt Lake City. Today it was a win at the 100th Annual Bruce Stampede with a 79 on Franklin’s Midnight Star.


In the Steer Riding, Riley Gagnon took home top honours with a 77 point effort on a black heifer from Lindsay Carlier.


Murray Pole hasn’t got a lot of money on the board yet this year but he said things have been feeling good. An 8.5 even after missing his slack added over $1,300 to his 2013 CFR account.


Lee Ann Rust has got to be one of the nicest ladies of all time. She had never been to Bruce before but aid she’s darn sure going to be back for the 101st!


Zane Lambert the best bull ride we’ve seen in years on Kesler’s Whiskey Jack in Medicine Hat on Friday Night. 92 points is what it’s wrote down as now. In Bruce he added another win to get himself a new championship rigging bag with this 81.5 on Franklin’s 937. The $1,100 will help him on his way to his first CFR appearance this November.


100th Annual Bruce Stampede (CPRA) July 28th, 2013. Unofficial Results.

Bareback: 1. Ky Marshall on Franklin’s 559 Horse With No Name, 81.5, $922.66; 2. Dylan Bilton, 77, $763.58; 3. Kyle Bowers, 75, $604.50; 4. Denny Phipps, 68, $445.42; 5. (tie) Cole Jamison and Scott Graham, 67, $222.71 each.

Steer Wrestling: 1. Ben Ramey, 3.7, $1,784.80; 2. (tie) Jeremy Harden and JD Hays, 3.8, $1,435.60 each; 4. Coleman Kohurst, 3.9, $1,086.40; 5. (tie) Stephen Culling and Trace Nickolson, 4.2, $737.20 each; 7. (tie) Trygve Pugh and Jessie Heggie, 4.3, $271.60.

Saddle Bronc: 1. Luke Butterfield on Franklin’s U70 Midnight Star, 79, $1,108.32; 2. Clay Creasy, 78, $917.23; 3. Jeremy Harden, 77, $726.14; 4. Jake Brown, 73.5, $535.05; 5. (tie) Sam Kelts and Josh Harden, 71.5, $267.52 each.

Tie Down Roping: 1. Murray Pole, 8.5, $1,383.22; 2. Curtis Cassidy, 8.9, $1,202.80; 3. (tie) Dean Edge and Morgan Grant, 9.2, $932.17 each; 5. (tie) Erik Dublanko and Logan Bird and adam Carlson, 9.6, $481.12 each; 8. Al Bouchard, 10.0, $120.28.

Barrel Racing: 1. Lee Ann Rust, 17.476, $1,227.29; 2. Brittany Fleck, 17.534, $1,051.97; 3. Deb Guelly, 17.585, $876.64; 4. Wacey Hollingsworth, 17.613, $759.75; 5. Rylee McKenzie, 17.742, $584.43; 6. Joanne Pole, 17.820, $467.54; 7. Cranna Roberts, 17.866, $350.66; 8. (tie) Gayle Howes and Cathy Grant, 17.873, $204.55 each; 10. Laci Suitor, 17.905, $116.89.

Bull Riding: 1. Zane Lambert on Franklin’s 937, 81.5, $1,108.32; 2. Kyle German, 76.5, $917.23; 3. (tie) Jordan Hansen and Adam Jamison, 68.5, $630.59 each; no other qualified rides.

Steer Riding: 1. Riley Gagnon, 77, $436.48; 2. Gunnar Fuchs, 75.5, $327.36; 3. Cameron Brown, 73, $218.26; 4. (tie) Connor Faucher and Norman King, 72, $54.56.




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