Brazil edges Canada by half point to win Oyen

OYEN, Alberta — Brazil’s Marcos Gloria edged Saskatchewan man Jared Parsonage by a half point to win the White Lightning Pro Cowboy Crunch on Wednesday night.

Gloria put up a score of 85 points on Vold Rodeo’s Over Cooked to split the Round 1 win with Paraguay’s Fabian Dueck. In the finals it was a solid 84.5 on Meat Wallet from Two Bit Bucking Bulls. For his work, Gloria earned $4,516.30 for his first entry and another $270.40 for eighth overall on a second entry. The money comes at a convenient time as he entered the week in the No. 11 spot in the Canadian Standings.

More good timing came from the work of Maple Creek’s Jared Parsonage on Wednesday in Oyen. Parsonage made a spectacular return in a 3-for-4 performance on two entries. He may not have went home with the buckle but the $4,412.40 from second and fifth overall should jump him up to the No. 8 spot in the standings as of today.

Coming off a broken jaw sustained in Quebec City on June 3rd, Parsonage made up for lost ground in short order riding Lace Up (Girletz Rodeo Stock) for 84 points and Sweet Spot (Outlaw Buckers) for 81.5 points in Round 1. In the Finals it was 87.5 points on Gretzky from the Outlaw Buckers to pair with the first entry of 81.5 points for the initial lead at 169 points. A buck-off of Stunt Man Ray from the Girletz’s left him in the dust a half point back for of the win.

If Fabian Dueck wants to return to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November, he has some work to do. That work got started in Oyen however with that tie for the win in Round 1. The score was 85 points on Real Deal from Cody Strandquist of Prairie Rodeo to earn him $2,940.30 for third overall. Coming into Oyen Dueck sat in the No. 31 spot in the CPRA standings.

Lumsden, Saskatchewan’s Tim Lipsett is in a similar situation, ranking No. 26 coming into Wednesday night. Lipsett got the monkey off his back riding a well named bull in Monkey Nuts from Skori Bucking Bulls. Fourth would pay $2,095.60 and puts Lipsett in the No. 17 spot in the CPRA.

Hometown bull rider Tanner Girletz would round out the top six courtesy of an 82.5 on Free Wheelin’ from the Outlaw Buckers. Girletz ranked 14th in the CPRA before Oyen but the $878.80 puts him in the coveted No. 12 spot.

With $2,500 in added prize money, the steer riding proved to be thrilling addition. Milk River, Alberta’s Quade Hughson took the top spot and the Ty Pozzobon Memorial buckle paired with $1,115.49 in prize money.

Wild Hoggs’ 166 Pozzy Time earned the top bull of the award putting up a bull score of 44.5 points up against Tanner Girletz in the final round.

Unofficial results from  the White Lightning Professional Cowboy Crunch in Oyen, Alberta on July 19, 2017. 

Round one: 1. (tie) Fabian Dueck, 85 points on Prairie Rodeo’s 43 Real Deal and Marcos Gloria (1), 85 points on Vold Rodeo’s 108 Over Cooked, $1723.50 each; 3. Timothy Lipsett, 84.5, $1216.80; 4. Jared Parsonage, 84, $878.80; 5. Tanner Girletz, 82.5, $540.80; 6. Jared Parsonage (2), 81.5, $338.00; 7. Jordan Hansen, 78, $202.80; 8. Marcos Gloria, 76.5, $135.20

Finals: 1. Jared Parsonage (2), 87.5 points on Outlaw Buckers’ 899 Gretzky, $800; 2. Marcos Gloria (1), 84.5, $600
Ground money: $300 each

Aggregate and total money won: 1. Marcos Gloria, 169.5 on two head, $4,516.30; 2. Jared Parsonage, 169, $2,992.80; 3. Fabian Dueck, 85 on one, $2,940.30; 4. Timothy Lipsett , 84.5, $2,095.60; 5. Jared Parsonage, 84, $1,419.60; 6. Tanner Girletz, 82.5, $878.80; 7. Jordan Hansen, 78, $405.60; 8. Marcos Gloria, 76.5, $270.40

Steer riding: 1. Quade Hughson, 79.5, $1115.49; 2. Jett Lambert, 77, $836.63; 3. Carter Sahli, 76.5, $557.75; 4. Matt Howard, 75, $278.88



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