Calgary, AB: Day Two was a bit thick ground wise at the Calgary Stampede. The Barrel Racers were a little slower and the bull doggers didn’t get out as quick as they could have. In the roughstock though, things weren’t much different.

For full results, go on over to the Calgary Stampede Website. 

I’ve seen a couple people asking about the live stream as well. You can access that here. 

For those of you within radio distance, Joe Braniff and Duane Daines are working alongside the Fan 960 AM for a live broadcast of the rodeo all ten days. It’s also streamed live online at their website. 

Going into tomorrow, there are some big match-ups.

Shane Proctor has Team Paige of the Franklin’s. Tyler Thomson rode this bull for an 88 to win Ponoka about a week ago.

Kody Lostroh has the Big Stone Bull Pop Evil that threw off Dustin Bowen in Ponok n the same round Thomson won. Adding to that, this is the same bull Scott Schiffner won his Canadian Championship on in November at this past year’s CFR. This is easily my pick for the round win. Look out for a 90 here.

Chad Besplug might come close on the Franklin Bull State Trooper. This bull gets ridden for high scores more than he doesn’t when I’ve seen him go. Chad rode him on his way to his Canadian Championship in 2011 for what was an 89 if I’m remembering right. This could come close to Lostroh on Pop Evil. Either way they are both going to be spectacular.

Douglas Duncan gets on Kish This tomorrow. That’s the same bull that Chad Besplug won the $100,000 on last year for the 100th Anniversary Stampede. Douglas should snap out about an 87 here.

What are your picks for tomorrow?

Check out the full draw on that same link from above on the Calgary Stampede website.




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