Kris Molle Takes Home His First Calgary Stampede Championship!

2022 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby – Calgary, Alberta

It was a highly emotional night as the finals of the 2022 Calgary Stampede Cowboys Rangeland Derby  were run on Sunday night. In an exciting and historic championship final, Kris Molle, driving the Outfit, and along with outriders Kaeden Molle, Brendan Nolin and Ethan Motowylo, won the championship final from barrel number 2 in heat number 9, by a mere 8 one-hundredths of a second over Layne MacGillivray who placed 2nd from barrel number 1, while four-time Cowboys Rangeland Derby Champion Kurt Bensmiller placed third from barrel position number 3. It’s the first time that Kris Molle has won the Cowboys Rangeland Derby Championship, and a first for outriders Ethan Motowylo and rookie outrider Kaeden Molle.                                                             

The Richard Cosgrave Memorial Safe Drive Award was won by Layne MacGillivray for being the least penalized drivers over 10 nights of the Cowboys Rangeland Derby and for having the best time in the overall Aggregate Standings. MacGillivray was penalty free for all ten days and had the best aggregate time of all 27 competing drivers with a total time of 12:17.18. A total of 15 drivers shared in a prize pot of over $130,000.00 for running penalty free.

On the night, injured driver Cody Ridsdale’s LaPrairie Group of Companies outfit, driven by Chanse Vigen posted the fastest time on the night with a 1:13.16, 32 one-hundredths of a second better than 2022 champion Kris Molle. Darcy Flad placed third, followed by Layne MacGillivray and Obrey Motowylo filling out the top five on the final night of competition. Rory Gervais was named the Calgary Stampede’s Outstanding Outrider for the sixth consecutive year, 

The WPCA Pro Tour resumes in High River for the Battle of the Foothills starting Thursday, July 21, 2022. Live action can be heard starting on Friday at 9:00pm ET, 8:00pm CT and 7:00pm MT on Real Country 910am.

Billy Melville

Century Downs Racetrack &
Kris Mo;lle – Driver
Brendan Nolin, Kaeden Molle, Ethan Motowylo – Outriders
Layne MacGillivray
Rory Gervais
RankDriverSponsorTotal Time
1Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills1:13.56
2Kris Mollevisitlethbridge.com1:13.48
3Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.1:14.44
Day 10 Results 
RankDriverSponsorTotal Time
1Cody Ridsdale*LaPrairie Group of Companies1:13.16
2Kris Mollevisitlethbridge.com1:13.48
3Darcy FladEquiPride® 1:13.52
4Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills1:13.56
5Obrey MotowyloBuckle Premium Vodka1:14.02
6Dallas DyckFriends Of The Balance Foundation – Vintage Chophouse and Tavern1:14.03
7Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.1:14.29
8Mark SutherlandCowboys Music Festival1:14.34
8Jordie FikeSummit Fleet1:14.39
10Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.1:14.44
11Troy DorchesterCam Clark Auto Group/Smithbilt Hats1:14.53
12Chad HardenMNP LLP1:14.82
13Kirk SutherlandSilverhill Acura1:14.93
14Chance BensmillerPCL Construction Services, Inc. & Partners1:15.38
15Chad FikeShaw GMC Chevrolet Buick1:15.40
15Evan SalmondMobSquad1:15.45
17Doug IrvineGilligan’s Boat Sales and Service Ltd.1:15.45
18Danny RinguetteCrowfoot Dodge1:15.47
19Mitch SutherlandAureus1:15.54
20Ross KnightIn Memory of Ted Valentine1:15.82
21Roger MooreNational Motor Coach1:16.09
22Troy FladRemax Darcy Powlik Realty1:16.88
23Codey McCurrachWestern RV Country/SIMCO Management1:17.28
24Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.1:17.52
25Todd BaptisteS.O.R.E. Oilfield Services Inc.1:18.84
26Kris FlanaganKV Capital1:21.44
27Chanse VigenCorus Entertainment1:33.83
* Wagon Driven by Chanse Vigen
10 Day Aggregate Standings
RankDriverSponsor10 Day Total
1Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills12:17.18
2Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Solutions Ltd.12:18.47
3Kris Mollevisitlethbridge.com12:23.46
4Obrey MotowyloBuckle Premium Vodka12:25.34
5Doug IrvinePrivate Sales Financing12:27.37
6Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.12:27.52
7Chad FikeShaw GMC Chevrolet Buick12:31.17
8Cody RidsdaleO’Chiese First Nation12:32.54
9Evan SalmondMobSquad12:32.60
10Troy DorchesterCam Clark Auto Group/Smithbilt Hats12:33.27
11Kirk SutherlandSilverhill Acura12:33.67
12Dallas DyckThe Balance Foundation12:34.31
13Mark SutherlandCowboys Casino12:35.34
14Ross KnightThe Kidz Wagon12:35.35
15Jordie FikeSummit Fleet12:35.81
16Codey McCurrachWestern RV Country12:36.15
17Danny RinguetteThe Brakeman Foundation12:37.06
18Chance BensmillerPCL Construction Services, Inc.12:37.47
19Roger MooreNational Motor Coach12:43.20
20Todd BaptisteS.O.R.E. Oilfield Services Inc.12:46.59
21Chanse VigenCowboys Casino12:50.73
22Chad HardenCC Contract Sales12:52.47
23Mitch SutherlandThe CanWagon12:56.98
24Kris FlanaganKV Capital12:59.28
25Troy FladFriends of Troy Flad13:02.66
26/27Darcy FladEquiPride® N.T
26/27Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.N.T



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