What’s That Bull for the Eatonia Harvest Crunch

EATONIA, Saskatchewan — With double points up for grabs and more prize money than any other one-day regular season event in the Bull Riders Canada Season, the Eatonia Harvest Crunch is sure to impress.

2013 BRC Champion Brian Hervey holds a 1,095 point advantage over second place Josh Birks for the National Title coming in, but with 800 points up for grabs that deficit could be nearly erased in one evening.

Doors open at 5:00pm with a roast beef dinner starting at 6:00. Bull riding action begins at 7:00. Tickets are $20 for adults, $12 for kids 12 and under while pre-school are free. Don’t forget the cabaret featuring the Dick Cash Band either afterwards.

It’s going to be another great night of bull riding in south west Saskatchewan. Until then, here’s Wacey Anderson with his picks in round one for tomorrow.


Wyatt Laughlin vs. Y52 Strong Foundation – When it comes to the top 30 bull riders  in the BRC, Wyatt is on the outside looking in. He is matched up the Big Country bull Strong Foundation, a big black and white bull that will turn back either way. If Wyatt can hump up and get him twisted it would most definitely help is efforts to get to Lloydminster in October.

Josh Birks vs. W2 Ugly – Josh has some ground to make up in the BRC title race and this is just bull to do it on. I watched Birks ride this bull to an 86.5 at an event this spring, look for much of the same here.

Brian Hervey vs. 15 Frozen – Depending on the Birks match-up, Hervey could extend his points lead in the BRC with the help of this big white spinner from the R-Saga Ranch down in Manor, SK. Frozen should follow the gate around to the right which is in to Brian’s hand… Bad move Mr. Bull.


Corey Waterson vs. 912 White Walls – White Walls is a big white bull that comes from the Strandquist string down in Kyle, SK. He should be right in the door to left and should fit Corey pretty good. Last time White Walls was rode they took him to an 83. I’d expect the same from this match up.



Round one draw for the Eatonia Harvest Crunch BRC on August 6th, 2015 starting at 7:00pm.

1 Jacob Stahl OBR 39 Dirty Steve L
2 Quinn Lavallee OBR 33 Guitars & Cadilacs L
3 Will Bruce OBR 113 Back to Sid R
4 Chase Thielan OBR 166 Crock Attack R
5 Micheal Ostashek OBR T63 Hot Wheels R
6 Kale Marks OBR 1057 Rye & Coke L
7 Tehiko Neill OBR 101 Signature L
8 Armando Davila MBB 900 Cool N Breezy R
9 Cooper Zur MBB Y50 Hawaii Five-o R
10 Wyatt Laughlin BCR Y52 Strong Foundation R
11 Chris Young BCR W1 Rocky L
12 Josh Birks BCR W2 Ugly L
13 Cody Teece RSR 100 Brave R
14 Ashton Arychuk RSR 16 Stick It R
15 Brian Hervey RSR 15 Frozen L
16 Ricky Morrison GRS 87 Sprinkles R
17 Quinton Bock GRS 35 Lord Let Us R
18 Klay Lanigan CSB A84 Booster Juice R
19 Shay Marks GRS 202 Bite Marks L
20 Laurie Hawea GRS 42 Painted Pretzel L
21 Wacey Finkbeiner GRS 204 On The Fritz R
22 Landon Lockhart GRS 203 Big Dirty R
23 Flint Vayro ENO 9 Honky Sam L
24 Casey Berg ENO 940 Body Special L
25 Will Purcell ENO 903 Body Twist R
26 Jordan Carlier WHB 22 Hookasauras R
27 Logan Biever WHB 279 Mixed Emotions R
28 Cody Ballard WHB 281 Desperate Measures L
29 Garrett Green CSB 31 Legend L
30 Corey Waterson CSB 912 White Walls L



RSR 13 John Carter L
MBB 720 Bad Motor Scooter L
CSB 43 Real Deal R
WHB 79 Get This L
ENO 913 Ruckus Juice L
GRS 68 Blueprint L


OBR – Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp. GRS – Girletz Rodeo Stock
MBB – Midnight Bucking Bulls ENO – Eno Bucking Bulls
BCR – Big Country Rodeo WHB – Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls
RSR – R-Saga Ranches CSB – CS Bucking Bulls



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