Three Events Remain in 2014 BRC Season

BALZAC and RALSTON, Alberta; GRUNTHAL, Manitoba — Three Bull Riders Canada Inc. events took place this week across two different provinces. Two men were crowned champions in those three events. Edgar Durazo of Mexico book-ended wins in Balzac and Ralston while Kyle Primeau made a run to Manitoba worth-while. Just three events now remain in the 2014 BRC Regular Season.

Durazo entered this weekend in the 16th spot in the BRC standings. That win at the Girletz Rodeo Ranch on Monday Night was worth $1,776. Add that to the $2,280 he picked up on Saturday in front of a crowd mostly made up of friends and family from CFB Suffield at the 35th Annual Ralston Rodeo Bull Riding, it turns out to be $4,056.

2014 marked the first time a bull riding-only event took place at the Ralston Rodeo and the crowd was impressed with the action. Durazo moved up to tenth overall on the year after that second win on the week and will wear a new Jensen Silver buckle from Ralston.

Also moving up the standings in Ralston were Cawl Braithwaite, 11th to 8th; Chris Hansen, 6th to 3rd and Cole Young who increased his lead to 625 points over second place Brian Hervey. Hansen was a second best 82 points while Braithwaite earned this with his 78. Young finished in fourth and fifth place on two entries.

The biggest mover on the weekend was Grunthal event winner Kyle Primeau who moved from outside the top 30 to 16th. Well worth the trip as he’s now secured his spot for the Wrangler BRC Finals II presented by the Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK on October 10th & 11th.

Primeau had the highest score of the weekend with his 86 on White Line Rodeo’s Bright Lights in round two at the Hanover Ag Fair Bull-A-Rama. Crossfire Bull Riding Promotions Inc. tells the story in their recap from the event.


Manitoba native Ty Collins earned the second best score of the evening in Grunthal with his 84 on Criminal Mind.


For those of you who were in attendance in Ralston, Bullfighter Justin Hok who left the venue by ambulance after the following wreck, this is the update we have for you. Seven (7) screws and two (2) plates were surgically inserted into Justin’s arm today. Hok plans to fight bulls again this winter.


Official results from the Greystone Investments Bull Riding in Balzac, AB on August 11th, 2014.

Long Go and Total Money Won: 1. Edgar Durazo – Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico, 68 points, $1,776.00; 2. Kim Forbes – Calgary, AB, 64, $1,453.00; no other qualified rides.


Official results from the Hanover Ag Fair Bull-A-Rama in Grunthal, MB on August 15th, 2014.

Round One: 1. Lonnie West on Bar H Ranch & Rodeo’s Juice Box, 81 points; 2. (tie) Kyle Primeau and Landon Lockhart, 79; 4. (tie) Ty Collins and Gerard Oversby, 74.

Round Two: 1. Kyle Primeau on White Line Rodeo’s Bright Lights, 86 points; 2. Ty Collins, 84; 3. Landon Lockhart, 83.5; 4. (tie) Phillip Litton and Marty Pitura, 74.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Kyle Primeau – Gwynne, AB, 165 points on two bulls, $1,748.00; 2. Landon Lockhart -Brandon, MB, 162.5/2, $1,311.00; 3. Ty Collins – Grunthal, MB, 158/2, $874.00; 4. Lonnie West – Cadogan, AB, 81 on one bull, $437.00; 5. (tie) Phillip Litton – Poplar Point, MB; Gerard Oversby – Walcha, NSW, Australia and Marty Pitura – St. Anne, MB; 74.


Edgar Durazo receives his championship buckle at the 35th Annual Ralston Rodeo Bull Riding on August 16th, 2014. Photo by Ted Stovin.

Edgar Durazo receives his championship buckle at the 35th Annual Ralston Rodeo Bull Riding on August 16th, 2014. Photo by Ted Stovin.

Official results from the 35th Annual Ralston Rodeo Bull Riding in Ralston, AB on August 16th, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Edgar Durazo on Flying High Rodeo Co.’s Last Wish, 85 points, $1,140.00; 2. Chris Hansen, 82, $855.00; 3. Cawl Braithwaite, 78, $570.00; 4. Cole Young, 75, $285.00; 5. Cole Young, 69; 6. Cooper Zur, 66; no other qualified rides.

Short Go: no qualified rides.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Edgar Durazo – Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico, 85 points on one bull, $2,280.00; 2. Chris Hansen – Caroline, AB, 82, $1,710.00; 3. Cawl Braithwaite – Bluffton, AB, 78, $1,140.00; 4. Cole Young – Alder Flats, AB, 75, $570.00; 5. Cole Young – Alder Flats, AB, 69; 6. Cooper Zur – Lundbreck, AB, 66.


BRC Inc. 2014 Standings up to and including Ralston, AB August 16th, 2014

Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st. Cole Young – Alder Flats, AB. $12,826.00. 2315
2nd. Brian Hervey – Brant, AB. $10,225.00. 1690
3rd. Chris Hansen – Caroline, AB. $6,884.00. 1630
4th. Logan Biever – Claresholm, AB. $10,059.00. 1580
5th. Tim Lipsett – Lumsden, SK. $6,877.00. 1515
6th. Ken Siemens – Fort St. John, BC. $9,927.00. 1485
7th. Josh Birks – Coonamble, NSW, Australia. $9,160.00. 1185
8th. Cawl Braithwaite – Bluffton, AB. $9,072.00. 1140
9th. Cody Moore – Vernon, BC. $12,274.00. 1135
10th. Edgar Durazo – Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico. $9,121.00. 1115
11th. Riley Gibson – Tamworth, NSW, Australia. $6,937.00. 915
12th. Armando Davila – Satillo Coahuila, Mexico. $6,292.00. 910
13th. Ben Turner – Kurow, New Zealand. $5,586.00. 840
13th. Cody Coverchuk – Meadow Lake, SK. $8,087.50. 840
15th. Tyler Pankewitz – Ponoka, AB. $8,842.00. 790
16th. Miles Pennington – Stettler, AB. $6,304.50. 780
17th. Kyle Primeau – Gwynne, AB. $2,602.00. 770
18th. Wacey Finkbeiner – Ponoka, AB. $1,900.00. 720
19th. Ethan Schultz – Strathmore, AB. $1,977.00. 680
20th. Matt O’Flynn – Quesnel, BC. $1,619.00. 675
20th. Taran Chirgwin – Calliope, QLD, Australia. $2,978.00. 675
22nd. Ian Molan – Cork, Ireland. $1,331.00. 660
23rd. Austin Nash – Sangudo, AB. $3,542.00. 645
24th. Rosendo Ramirez – Hidalgo, Mexico. $4,617.00. 610
25th. Shay Marks – Sunnybrook, AB. $1,979.00. 595
26th. Wacey Anderson – Naicam, SK. $1,368.00. 580
27th. Kyle Loudon – Springsure, NSW, Australia. $3,372.00. 550
28th. Lonnie West – Cadogan, AB. $2,652.00. 540
29th. Andrew Jamison – New Zealand. $1,805.00. 515
30th. Gerard Oversby – Walcha, NSW, Australia. $413.00. 475
30th. Dan Hansen – Caroline, AB. $1,962.00. 475


This past weekend’s events in Balzac and Ralston, AB along with Manitoba’s stop in Grunthal were the 27th to 29th events of 32 in 2014 for Bull Riders Canada Inc. Next on the schedule are the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes & Bulls events in Airdrie, AB on August 22nd and 23rd. The 2014 BRC regular season concludes on September 13th in Magrath, AB for the Celebration of the Two Bit Nation.

About Bull Riders Canada Inc: Bull Riders Canada Inc. (BRC), founded in 2013 has the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in Canada. In 2014 the BRC is on track to sanction upwards of 40 events across four Canadian Provinces concluding with the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals II presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK featuring $20,000 in prize money on October 10th and 11th. You can follow the BRC throughout the season on FacebookTwitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit



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