The Inaugural AOA Bikes & Bulls Bucking Bull Auction & Pre-Party

AIRDRIE, Alberta –Bull Riders Canada (BRC) is offering you an exclusive opportunity to place your brand on a bull at the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association (AOA) Bikes and Bulls Bucking Bull Derby, in August. Come join us May 15, 2014, at Ceili’s Downtown on 8th Ave., SW, in Calgary; doors open at 4:00 p.m., with the auction starting at 7:00 p.m.

This exclusive pre-party, will be your chance to bid on a bull and have your name in the bull pen. At the Airdrie Rodeo Grounds Aug. 22, 20 to 25 bulls from stock contractors and bucking bull breeders from across Canada, will be entered in the first bucking bull derby ever in Canada. Pick your bidding cards up at the door, as you will not want your brand to be left out of this competition.


The Auction is your opportunity to get your name into the arena. Thankfully if you purchase a bull you won’t actually own him, but you do get the rights to name the animal. This is a way to build and promote your brand, by accessing the largest growing audiences in North America.

Becoming a part of this extreme sport, allows your company to merge with the cowboys. Your bull will be matched up with a cowboy from BRC, who is also competing that day. All the bulls compete, while all the cowboys compete and the best scores in each category win. You want your bull to get the best score whether or not the cowboy rides him.

For those of you who have never seen a bucking bull derby before, let us explain more of the business to you.


The Auction winner of our event on Aug. 22, will receive the top cut of the prize money, along with a trophy buckle and of course the bragging rights of buying the best bull. Even though the bulls are not for sale in the Calcutta ownership wise throughout the year, there’s no saying it can’t happen if you’d like to get more involved with your bull for the Aug. 22, derby.


Also check out the Friend Futurity, starting at 1:00 p.m. on May 15, at Allen Girletz’s Ranch, near Balzac AB. If you’d like to learn more about the industry as mentioned above, we are glad to have you come out and enjoy the free event.


Click here to view an example form the recent BRC Finals in Cold Lake, AB. This video shows Dan Hansen riding a bull called Adam’s Family, for 86 points.

This is how the scores work: There are two judges. Each judge marks the rider and the bull from 1 to 25 for a total of 100. An average score at the professional level is 80 points, an exceptional score is 90 points – but that only happens about 1% of the time. Adam’s Family in this video, was likely marked between 42 and 43 points. Dan was marked between 43 and 44 to add up the total to 86.

Here’s a bull called White Russian, that marked 47 points winning the Bull of the Finals aboard at the first annual BRC Finals.


AIRDRIE OILMEN’S ASSOCIATION (AOA) are a non-profit group employed in various facets of the oil and gas industry. The goal of the AOA is to promote a positive community image in and around Airdrie and work to create a network for members and friends, which may facilitate and improve working relationships in and around Airdrie. It is also the goal of the association to give back to our community by donating the proceeds from special fundraising events.

Every year the money we raise has been donated to various charities, which include Airdrie Community Links the Airdrie Food Bank and the Airdrie and District Victims Assistance Society. We have also been fortunate enough in 2013 to support the Airdrie Lionesses Club, as well as the Tom Baker Cancer Center.

The AOA are also proud to announce our partnership this year with, an organization aimed at educating parents and children alike, of the consequences of bullying and how to effectively deal with the issue when one becomes directly involved. The AOA are excited to join forces with to help raise awareness and education on this timeless issue.


BRC Inc. supports local, hometown bull riding venues by providing affordable options to having a bull riding event in their area. BRC Inc. has a tested and proven strategy in place which allows committees to have a bull riding event while maintaining the ability to earn money for their local cause, in turn providing a venue for all other stakeholders to utilize.


Adrian Pruden


Airdrie Oilmen’s Association

PO Box 10343

Airdrie, AB T4A 0H6




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