Pank Doubles Down in Tofield

TOFIELD, Alberta — Tyler Pankewitz held his title for the second year at the Tofield Bull Bash sanctioned by Bull Riders Canada Inc. on Thursday Night at the Tofield Arena.

After that first chute came open though, it wasn’t looking like another win was in his reach. Pankewitz was bucked off his first bull in a matter of a few jumps. What most of us didn’t realize until later however was that Tyler never nodded his head for the gate and was awarded a re-ride option.

With that he did next was capitalize on the second chance for a score of 82.5 points on Papercut from Thompson Rodeo. It was a point better than his long go score last year but earned him a bit less money this time around. That didn’t matter though when it came to the short go as he was the only man to ride.

There he was 86 points on Despicable Me from the Wild Hoggs to earn all the added prize money, $5,700 to be exact, bringing his evening total to $6,182. Add that to the $5,714 from last year and Pank has earned nearly $12,000 in two years in Tofield.


2013 BRC Finalists Miles Pennington and Dan Hansen tied for second overall after splitting the long go with matching 83.5’s to eacn $1,687 each. Pennington rode Midnight Bucking Bulls’ Yellow Rose and Hansen rode Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Wizzbang. This was the first points each have made counting towards the 2014 finals and they sit in a tie for 10th in the season standings.

A man who’s placed multiple times already in the short season is last year’s BRC Champion, Brian Hervey. Picking up another $964.00 in Tofield, Hervey now sits second only to Ethan Schultz by a mere 45 points. Schultz scored 81.5 last night to earn more points however finish out of the money.

Next up on the 2014 Bull Riders Canada Season Schedule is the Byemoor Bull-A-Rama tonight, April 18th in Byemoor, AB starting at 7:30pm. 


Official Results from the Tofield Bull Bash. April 17th, 2014 in Tofield, AB.

Long Go: 1. (tie) Miles Pennington  on Midnight Bucking Bulls’ Yellow Rose and Dan Hansen Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Wizzbang, 83.5 points, $1,687.00 each. 3. Brian Hervey, 83, $964.00; 4. Tyler Pankewitz, 82.5, $482.00.
Short Go: 1. Tyler Pankewitz on Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Despicable Me, 86 points, $5,700; no other qualified rides.
Aggregate/Total Money Won: 1. Tyler Pankewitz, 168.5 on two head, $6,182.00; 2. (tie) Miles Pennington and Dan Hansen, 83.5 on one head, $1,687.00 each; 4. Brian Hervey, 83, $964.00.
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