Mexico on Top of Bull Riders Canada Finals

COLD LAKE, Alberta — Former Team Mexico World Cup Member, Edgar Durazo, won tonight’s Inaugural Bull Riders Canada Finals at Cold Lake Exhibition Park.

What a finals it was.

A score of 79 in round one on Nothing Else Matters (Thompson Rodeo), combined with an 85.5 in round two on Fortune 500 (Thompson Rodeo) put Durazo into the short go, first place overall.

There Durazo scored 89.5 points on South of Heaven (Wild Hoggs) for the win by four points.

For his efforts, Durazo took home over $4,400 in two days work.

Second place on the weekend was Dan Hansen currently of Airdrie, AB. Scores of 80.5, 83 and 86.5 won him $3,350. It’s a good boost to Hansen’s 2014 campaign.

“I was pretty happy to get three rode.” Hansen said, adding that he had only been on a couple practice bulls since July of last year.  “I was soured up and shut it down.”

In round two it was Outlawbuckers’ Joe Smoe, followed by the second highest score of the weekend on Thompson Rodeo’s Adam’s Family in the short go.

Third overall went to Reid Lozier of 150 Mile House, BC. His total of 169.5 on two won him $1,440 of the $8,000 in added prize money. A buck off in round one mean he’d need a big score in round two. Lozier did just that with a round winning 86 on OLS Tubs Most Wanted (Outlawbuckers).

In the Short Go it was 83.5 on Wonderlust (Girletz)

Young gun Shay Marks made his mark this weekend on the Cold Lake crowd staying on both his long go bulls. His round two score put him into the short go in third place. That result was and 82 on Feel the Fear (Rafter N).

Rounding out the top five was northern cowboy Cole Young who cahsed in for jut under $1,000 on the weekend. A round one win and an 84 on Time Will Tell (Thompson Rodeo) in the short go did just that.

Brandt, Alberta’s Brian Hervey and his travelling partner were within striking distance if each other the entire second half of the season. After both bucked off tonight it meant Hervey took home the buckle for the title. This is what he had to say about the championship.

The Bull of Finals award based on the highest bull scores of the weekend went to White Russian of the Outlawbuckers Rodeo Company with a score of 45.5 points up against Brian Hervey in the Short Go. Dwayne Schellenberg was awarded a Troy Fischer Trophy Buckle for the win.

Wrapping up the Inaugural Bull Riders Canada Championship Finals, I’d like to take the time to thank the contestants, Board of Directors, Shareholders, stock contractors, contract help, Cold Lake Ag Society, Dustin Foulds and his crew for the outstanding promo video on night two and all the highlight videos you see here, along with Russell and Jenn Friend for keeping the association together and moving forward all year.

We are proud of an outstanding first year and look forward to continued success in 2014!

Event results – Bull Riders Canada Finals January 31st and February 1st, 2014 – Cold Lake, AB. Unofficial.

Round One: 1. Cole Young on Outlawbuckers’ Alberta Premium, 84.5 points; 2. Brian Hervey, 84; 3. Billy West, 83.5; 4. Shay Marks, 81; 5. Dan Hansen, 80.5;  6. Miles Pennington, 80; 7. Edgar Durazo, 79; 8. Beau Brooks, 78.5; 9. Kyle Primeau, 78; 10. Tristan Carlier, 76; 11. Wacey Finkbeiner, 74.

Round Two: 1. Reid Lozier on Outlawbuckers’ OLS Tubs Most Wanted, 86 points; 2. Edgar Durazo, 85.5; 3. Dan Hansen, 83; 4. Beau Brooks, 82.5; 5. Shay Marks, 82; 6. Cody Floyd, 80.5; 7. Cody Floyd, 79; no other qualified rides.

Short Go: 1. Edgar Durazo on Wild Hoggs’ 747 South of Heaven, 89.5 points; 2. Dan Hansen, 86.5; 3. Cole Young, 84; 4. Reid Lozier, 83.5; no other qualified rides.

Average and total payout: 1. Edgar Durazo, 254 points on three, $4,440; 2. Dan Hansen, 250 on three, $3,350; 3. Reid Lozier, 169.5 on two, $1,440; 4. Cole Young, 168.5 on two, $960; 5. Shay Marks, 163 on two, $1,540; 6. Beau Brooks, 161/2, $770.

First up on the 2014 season is April 11th in Viking, AB. For more information on Bull Riders Canada Inc. and future events, visit



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