Widening the Gap for the Buckle

AIRDRIE, Alberta — After a win at Saturday’s Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes & Bulls BRC Bull Riding, Cole Young has widened his lead to 795 points over the now second place Chris Hansen.

With 400 points on the line per two head event, Young has now earned the season leader title for 2014 as only one event now remains.

“I’m just riding, I’m not worried about how the year ends,” Young said. “It’s a good top end of riders and if I start worrying about pressure it’ll get to me. I just keep showing up, in every way.”

Originally from Grande Prairie, Young has re-located about five hours south to Alder Flats, AB.

“It’s been a good summer with work and bullriding working fairly well together. I’ve got a home on the go and every little bit helps. I’m really just having fun doing what I love.”

Saturday he earned another $2,622 and anew buckle moving his season total up to over $15,000 on the year. That’s now the bar for the most ever won in the BRC Regular Season.


Former Canadian Pro Rodeo Champion Chris Hansen attempted a total of six bulls on Saturday eventually connecting in the short go on Thompson Rodeo’s Northern Lights for an 85.5 to finish second overall. As of late Hansen has been on a roll which leaves him second on the season only to Cole Young.


On Friday night, the AOA produced the first ever sanctioned Derby Bull event in Canada. After May 15th’s auction, which garnered over $55,000 for charity, the bulls competed for their own prize money while the teams cheered on their bulls.

Bart Gravelle’s #106 took first in the Contractor Derby with a score of 88.5 followed by a couple Wild Hoggs/Corey Chmelnyk bulls in second and third. Another Gravelle bull was fourth. All those rides are available to watch in the video below.


Shay Marks won the bull riding side of Friday’s AOA Bikes & Bulls BRC. A score of 86 points on the back of Pay Day, AKA Jim Tom from Ellie Skori earned the young man the buckle, over $2,300 in prize money and moved him into the BRC’s top 20.


Ken Siemens joined the $10,000 club on the season after a second place finish on Friday.

For more highlights visit the Bull Riders Canada Inc. video playlist at BullRidersCanada.ca


Official Results from the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes & Bulls Derby Results on August 22nd, 2014.

Round One: 1. Pajak Engineering/Ensign Rockwell Servicing – Payrock. Contractor: Tyrell & Cantrell Gravelle, Gypsy BE Ranch 88.5 points, $4,200.00; 2. Isolation Equipment Services – Misfit. Contractor: Ty Streeter/Justin Volz, Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls, 87.75, $3,150.00; 3. United Fabrication – MCK Bodacious Fabricator. Conractor: Ty Streeter/Justin Volz, Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls, 87.25, $2,100.00; 4. Novican Technologies – If You Want Blood. Contractor: Tyrell & Cantrell Gravelle, Gypsy BE Ranch, 86.25, $1,050.00.


Official Results from the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes & Bulls BRC Bull Riding on August 22nd, 2014.

Round One/Total Money Won: 1. Shay Marks on Skori’s Jim Tom, 86.5 points, $2,318.00; 2. Ken Siemens, 83.5, $1,738.00; 3. Brian Hervey, 82.75, $1,359.00; 4. Ben Turner, 81, $679.00; 5. (tie) Kim Forbes and Cody Moore, 80.5; 7. Logan Biever, 79; no other qualified rides.


Official Results from the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes & Bulls BRC Bull Riding on August 23rd, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Cole Young on Thompson Rodeo’s Playin Chicken, 84.5 points, $912.00; 2. Cody Moore, 83.5, $684.00; 3. Jonathan Couling, 81, $456.00; 4. Logan Biever, 80.5, $228.00; 5. (tie) Cooper Zur and Kale Marks, 78; 7. Ashton Arychuk, 73; no other qualified rides.

Short Go: 1. Chris Hansen on Thompson Rodeo’s Northern Lights, 85.5 points, $2,090; 2. Cole Young, 84.5, $1,710.00; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Cole Young – Alder Flats, AB, 169 points on two bulls, $2,622; 2. Chris Hansen – Caroline, AB, 85.5 points on one bull, $2,090.00; 3. Cody Moore – Vernon, BC, 83.5/1, $684.00; 4. Jonathan Couling – Singleton, NSW, Australia, 81/1, $456.00; 5. Logan Beiver – Claresholm, AB, 80.5/1, $228.00; 6. (tie) Cooper Zur – Lundbreck, AB and Kale Marks – Sunnybrook, AB, 78/1; 8. Ashton Arychuk – Morinville, AB, 73.


Cole Young rides Thompson Rodeo’s Heaven & Hell for 84.5 points in the short go of the AOA Bikes & Bulls BRC on August 23rd, 2014. Photo by Cynda Didier.


BRC Inc. 2014 Standings up to and including Airdrie, AB August 23rd, 2014
Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st Cole Young Alder Flats, AB $15,448.00 2705
2nd Chris Hansen Caroline, AB $8,974.00 1910
3rd Logan Biever Claresholm, AB $10,287.00 1810
4th Brian Hervey Brant, AB $11,584.00 1770
5th Ken Siemens Fort St. John, BC $11,665.00 1575
6th Tim Lipsett Lumsden, SK $6,877.00 1515
7th Cody Moore Vernon, BC $12,958.00 1440
8th Josh Birks Coonamble, NSW, Australia $9,160.00 1185
9th Cawl Braithwaite Bluffton, AB $9,072.00 1140
10th Edgar Durazo Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico $9,121.00 1115
11th Riley Gibson Tamworth, Australia $6,937.00 915
12th/13th Ben Turner Kurow, New Zealand $6,265.00 910
12th/13th Armando Davila Satillo Coahuila, Mexico $6,292.00 910
14th Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK $8,087.50 840
15th Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB $8,842.00 790
16th Miles Pennington Stettler, AB $6,304.50 780
17th Kyle Primeau Gwynne, AB $2,602.00 770
18th Wacey Finkbeiner Ponoka, AB $1,900.00 720
19th Shay Marks Sunnybrook, AB $4,297.00 695
20th Ethan Schultz Strathmore, AB $1,977.00 680
21st/22nd Matt O’Flynn Quesnel, BC $1,619.00 675
21st/22nd Taran Chirgwin Calliope, QLD, Australia $2,978.00 675
23rd Ian Molan Cork, Ireland $1,331.00 660
24th Austin Nash Sangudo, AB $3,542.00 645
25th/26th Jonathan Couling Singleton, NSW, Australia $1,282.00 610
25th/26th Rosendo Ramirez Hidalgo, Mexico $4,617.00 610
27th Wacey Anderson Naicam, SK $1,368.00 580
28th Kyle Loudon Springsure, Australia $3,372.00 550
29th Lonnie West Cadogan, AB $2,652.00 540
30th Andrew Jamison New Zealand $1,805.00 515


Chris Hansen rides Thompson Rodeo’s Northern Lights for 85.5 points in the short go of the AOA Bikes & Bulls BRC on August 23rd, 2014. Photo by Cynda Didier.


This past weekend’s Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes & Bulls events in Airdrie, AB were the 30th and 31st events of 32 in 2014 for Bull Riders Canada Inc. Next on the schedule is the 2014 BRC regular season conclusion on September 13th in Magrath, AB for the Celebration of the Two Bit Nation.

About Bull Riders Canada Inc: Bull Riders Canada Inc. (BRC), founded in 2013 has the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in Canada. In 2014 the BRC is on track to sanction upwards of 40 events across four Canadian Provinces concluding with the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals II presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK featuring $20,000 in prize money on October 10th and 11th. You can follow the BRC throughout the season on FacebookTwitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit BullRidersCanada.com



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