Hervey Increases Lead in BRC National Standings

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April 19th, 2015
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Hervey Increases Lead in BRC National Standings

BYEMOOR and TOFIELD, Alberta — 2013 Bull Riders Canada National Champion Brian Hervey increased his lead in the 2015 National Standings with a second place finish on Friday at the Byemoor Bull-A-Rama.

On a weekend that featured nearly $10,000 in added money between two events, Hervey may not have been the big weekend winner but the points are adding up in his favor so far. Currently, the Brant, AB athlete is ahead of second-place Devon Mezei by 310 points. Mezei overtook the second spot with his third best score from the long go to finish sixth overall.

Tyler Pankewitz earned the win in Byemoor with his 169.5 points on two bulls highlighted by his 88 on Strong Foundation from Big Country Rodeo in the short go. Pankewitz jumped to seventh in the BRC Standings with the win.

The following video covers Brian Hervey, Shay Marks and Tyler Pankewitz’ rides from the Byemoor short go.


On Saturday night, the BRC returned to the location of KNM’s Bigger Badder Bull Bash. For those of you who haven’t been to Tofield for the bull riding yet, first of all you better get your tickets early, but secondly, it’s one of the best produced events in the entire organization. From pyro in the opening done by Shaun Morton to the contestant, volunteer and sponsor dinner before and after the event.

Curtis Neufeld, his parents Rick and Cindy and all the rest of the crew in Tofield do an outstanding job.

They had an outstanding pen of bulls and talent pool for bull riders this year as well. With ten qualified rides in the long go, it took 81.5 points to even make it back.

When the dust settled, Zane Lambert emerged victorious earning over $3,500 for his efforts. The highlight of the evening was his 89.5 to win the short go and event on the back of Hillbilly Heaven from the Wild Hoggs. Lambert earned 390 points in Tofield and now sits 11th in the BRC National Standings.

This video shows Josh Birks, Cody Coverchuk and Zane Lambert in action in the short go of KNM’s Bigger Badder Bull Bash.


29 of the top 30 bull riders in the BRC have already earned money in only nine events thus far. Over $63,000 has been paid out in those events thus far as well.

Bull Riders Canada Inc. has a big announcement coming up this week in regards to expansion into Eastern Canada. Stay tuned for more.


Official results from the Byemoor, AB Bull-A-Rama on April 17th. 

Long go: 1. Miles Pennington on Big Country Rodeo’s Dark Shadows, 84.5 points, $1,140; 2. Jerett Nash, 84, $855.00; 3. Devon Mezei, 83.5, $570; 4. Brian Hervey, 82, $285.00; 5. (tie) Tyler Pankewitz and Jake Wilson, 81.5; 7. Josh Birks, 79; no other qualified rides.

Short go: 1. Tyler Pankewitz on Big Country Rodeo’s Strong Foundation, 88 points, $1,365; 2. Shay Marks, 86, $1,050; 3. Brian Hervey, 85, $735; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and total money won: 1. Tyler Pankewitz, Ponoka, AB – 169.5 points on two bulls, $1,365; 2. Brian Hervey, Brant, AB – 167, $1,020; 3. Shay Marks, Sunnybrook, AB – 86 points on one bull, $1,050; 4. Miles Pennington, Stettler, AB – 84.5, $1,140; 5. Jerett Nash, Eckville, AB – 84, $855; 6. Devon Mezei, Big Valley, AB – 83.5, $570; 7. Jake Wilson, Cargo, Australia – 81.5; 8. Josh Birks, Coonamble, NSW, Aust – 79.


Zane Lambert rides Blindsided to an 85 in the long go of KNM's Bigger Badder Bull Bash in Tofield, AB on April 18th. Photo by Kaylee Mohl.

Zane Lambert rides Blindsided to an 85 in the long go of KNM’s Bigger Badder Bull Bash in Tofield, AB on April 18th. Photo by Kaylee Mohl.

Official results from KNM’s Bigger Badder Bull Bash in Tofield, AB on April 18th. 

Long go: 1. Logan Biever on Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Hear Me Roar, 87 points, $1,653; 2. Zane Lambert, 85, $1,239; 3. Wyatt Gleeson, 84, $826; 4. Cody Coverchuk, 82, $413; 5. (tie) Josh Birks and Ethan Schultz, 81.5; 7. Casey Berg, 81; 8. Garrett Green, 80; 9. Tyler Pankewitz, 79; 10. Shay Marks, 77.

Short go: 1. Zane Lambert on Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls. Hillbilly Heaven, 89.5 points, $2,340; 2. Cody Coverchuk, 86, $1,800; 3. Josh Birks, 84.5, $1,260; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and total money won: 1. Zane Lambert, Westbourne, MB – 174.5 points on two bulls, $3,579; 2. Cody Coverchuk, Meadow Lake, SK – 168, $2,213; 3. Josh Birks, Coonamble, NSW, Aust – 166, $1,260; 4. Logan Biever, Claresholm, AB – 87 points on one bull, $1,653; 5. Wyatt Gleeson, Sundre, AB – 84, $826; 6. Ethan Schultz, Strathmore, AB – 81.5, 7. Casey Berg, Wainwright, AB – 81; 8. Garrett Green, Meeting Creek, AB – 80; 9. Tyler Pankewitz, Ponoka, AB – 79; 10. Shay Marks, Sunnybrook, AB – 77.


The Byemoor, AB Bull-A-Rama and KNM’s Bigger Badder Bull Bash in Tofield, AB. were the eighth and ninth events of the 2015 BRC season. Next up on the Bull Riders Canada Inc. schedule is the Bar UT Bull-A-Rama in Taber, AB on April 24th and the Lamont, AB Bull-A-Rama Supreme on April 25th.


BRC Inc. 2015 Standings up to and including Tofield, AB on April 18th, 2015

Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st Brian Hervey Brant, AB $4,964.00 1205
2nd Devon Mezei Big Valley, AB $5,297.00 895
3rd Casey Berg Wainwright, AB $4,758.00 845
4th Josh Birks Coonamble, NSW, Aust $6,173.00 765
4th Miles Pennington Stettler, AB $3,675.00 765
6th Cole Young Alder Flats, AB $1,701.00 760
7th Tyler Pankewitz Strathmore, AB $1,590.00 755
8th Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK $2,993.00 680
9th Wacey Finkbeiner Ponoka, AB $1,597.00 525
10th Ken Siemens Fort St. John, BC $3,154.00 520
11th Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB $3,579.00 510
12th Steve Maddison Carman, MB $3,325.00 495
13th Logan Biever Claresholm, AB $2,892.00 490
14th Landon Lockhart Brandon, MB $1,082.00 410
15th Shaun Greenhough Penticton, BC $2,409.00 370
15th Flint Vayro Whitewood, SK $769.00 370
17th Jacob Stahl Clive, AB $1,671.00 350
18th Jake Wilson Cargo, Australia $371.00 325
19th Shay Marks Sunnybrook, AB $1,050.00 280
19th Cory Perry Strathmore, AB $513.00 280
21st Kyle Primeau Gwynne, AB $2,053.00 270
21st Matt O’Flynn Quesnel, BC $1,653.00 270
23rd Wacey Anderson Naicam, SK $929.00 235
24th Levi Lawlor Quesnel, BC $1,108.00 220
25th Garrett Green Meeting Creek, AB — 210
25th Jacob Gardner Fort St. John, BC $1,240.00 210
25th Jerett Nash Eckville, AB $855.00 210
25th Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK $456.00 210
29th Wyatt Gleeson Sundre, AB $826.00 200
30th Lane Cork Quesnel, BC $413.00 170

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About Bull Riders Canada Inc (BRC): now in it’s third season, has the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in the nation. In 2014, BRC Inc. sanctioned 32 events across four Canadian Provinces. In 2015, the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals III takes place in Lloydminster, SK featuring $25,000 in prize money on October 2nd and 3rd. You can follow the BRC throughout the season on FacebookTwitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit BullRidersCanada.com



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